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Artist In Residence

Valentine H Despointes

Since childhood VHD has discovered the world of excellence and craftsmanship by following daily her father in his automotive upholstery workshop.  As she was brought up in this creative environment allying precise gesture and the work of a noble material (leather), it became obvious for her to follow this path.

She started studying fashion design and then graduated from the Ateliers Grégoire in Paris, specializing in leather work. Valentine learned how to use the tools and the artisanal technics of the profession.

In the heart of her workshop, she carefully chooses her materials which come from the best tanneries; and she sharpens her sense of details as she explores new stylistic combinations.   Valentine has equal love for sheathing objects that she finds in various flee markets - by hand - and creating unique pieces by cutting and assembling her own leathers.

In her never-ending quest of reinterpretation of our world, she creates colourful and playful pieces inspired by nature, the animal world and luxury goods.
With meticulous gesture and a savoir-faire acquired with passion, VHD loves to challenge our minds by shaping incongruous objects that embellish our daily lives.

At the crossing of design and applied arts, her work also offers the realisation of bespoke pieces.