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5 Must-Try Nail Trends From FW 2020

by Malka Nebro October 19, 2020

5 Must-Try Nail Trends From FW 2020

2020 has not been easy to navigate. Between the news cycle and a public health crisis, we all deserve a break. How about we use our breather to dissect this season’s nail trends?

1. Who doesn’t love basics? Black and white are perfect for a clean, crisp, neutral nail. This timeless look works great for the colder months and provides an elegant contrast to any outfit. “The Basic Bitch” Nail Artist nail polish, a black with purple undertones will intensify those fine lines and bold looks. 

Black and White Nail Art

2. We can’t really travel to France right now, but we can get the French look at home. The early 2000’s trend has turned timeless with this fun new take. Achieve this look with any color, thickness, or angle you want. Get creative with it!

French Tip Manicure

3. It’s no surprise that green hues, burnt oranges, and rich purples rank high for Fall nails every year. A combo of all four make for an ultra-cozy mani look.

Fall Colored Nails

4. With Libra season kicking off fall every year, use that indecisiveness to your advantage with Skittle manicures-- and no, we are not talking about the candy. These trendy nails each have their own style. Choose as many colors and designs as you want-- the only rule is paint each nail something different.

Skittles Manicure

5. There’s no doubt that the past year has been rough, so why not project that negativity onto your nails? Negative space manicures are in full force this season! This nail design incorporates your natural nail with intentional empty space for an edgy and minimalist style. It’s very low maintenance, so it’s ideal for those of you who will go weeks without taking that chipped nail polish off. (We see you!)

Negative Space Manicure

We understand it might be hard to keep up with all of the trends while stuck at home, so try out these simple nail art designs at home which feature our colors for a little extra spice this fall.