Conscientious Beauty

Our holistic approach takes everything into account when creating a product. And we continue to make changes to become better.


We believe in creating a better world and leaving the planet better off than when we started. We have sustainability practices with our products. We use post-consumer recycled materials in our packages. For example, our nail polish bottles are made of up to 50% post-consumer recycled glass. We also use recycled paper and board in our boxes. We also work alongside Terracycle to use their no-waste boxes to recycle hard to recycle materials. Just email us at customer@emilieheathe and we walk you through how to get your cosmetic parts to us. They do not have to be from our brand.  


We go beyond sustainability to make sure our products leave a better impact on the planet. In our learning of sustainability and other pratices, we have discovered that sometimes there are practices that leave the planet worse-off. For example, some boxes made of biodegradable materials break down too quickly, creating an unsafe package for product. And because their shelf-life is limited, if inventory is not used within the right time frame - the result is more waste and work. We also discovered that the creation of some vegan materials that are synthetics have a harmful production process and byproduct. We want to make our products are as harmless to the planet as possible and as ethical as possible. We are also proud members of 1% for the Planet, committing 1% of annual sales to environmental causes and hope to be carbon neutral and registered as b-corp by 2021.

No Animal Testing

Notice that we do not say cruelty free. This is because by some standards if an ingredient used at any point in time was ever tested on an animal, you cannot say it's truly cruelty free. There are a lot of loopholes and since the designation is unregulated, much like Clean, we have to create our own definition. (Check out for more information.) We do not test nor work with manufacturers or their suppliers who test on animals. Nor do we outsource any testing on animals.  We are thrilled to learn China will get rid of animal testing in 2021. We have refused to sell in this market until there was a clear path to do so without animal testing. (There are some distributors that do allow for third-party selling without testing in China.) However, to be truly cruelty free we believe you also cannot have any animal byproducts in your materials or ingredients, essentially also Vegan. For example, our Nail Artist nail colour is vegan and cruelty-free. However, we do use leather and we use animal derived ingredients in some products, i.e. honey. However, they are all ethically sourced. Our Vanity Box is PU Vegan Leather and we donate 10% of sales to our partners at Animal Haven, a NYC based no-kill shelter.

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