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by Malka Nebro February 04, 2021


 Aquarius season is upon us, and one of the most notable characteristics of this sign is humanitarianism. 

If you yourself were born between January 20th and February 18th and feel this on a personal level, or are another sun sign just looking for a way to give back, we suggest youlook to the stars (as in, the ones on your TV and Spotify playlists).

Read on to learn aboutand be inspired bysome Aquarius A-listers who are making a difference. Whether you donate money, time, or energy, the important thing to keep in mind is that every bit counts (at least that’s what our inner-Aquarian tells us).

Harry Styles

Born February 1, 1994

When Harry Styles isn’t capturing hearts with his sultry voice, voluminous hair and, more recently, Gucci campaigns, he’s extending himself as a philanthropist and avid supporter of the LGBTQ+ community and gender equality.

During his 2018 world tour, he raised an estimated $1.2 million dollars from ticket and merchandise sales, which was donated to local charities in cities where he performed as part of his ongoing  Treat People With Kindness initiative. 

This past November, he marked the first man to ever grace the cover of  Vogue (and in a Gucci AW20 ball gown, no less), challenging stereotypes and promoting acceptance around all-inclusive, androgynous fashion. Think of him as a modern-day David Bowie, shedding a light on gender-fluidity, while donning out-of-the-box styles that encourage self-expression. 

Photo by Tyler Mitchell,Vogue, December 2020


Born February 2, 1977

She’s revered for her music and dancing skills (as the 2020 Super Bowl reinforced, her hips do not lie), but offstage, Shakira is known to direct her passion toward important causes like universal education and early childhood development. 

She supports these causes by donating to a range of foundations across Latin America, as well as through her own non-profit called  Fundacion Pies Descalzos (The Barefoot Foundation), which she founded at the age of 20 to provide accessible education and schooling facilities for students in Colombia.  

In 2011, Shakira was also appointed by Barack Obama to the President’s Advisory Commission on Educational Excellence for Hispanics. Among a board of fellow commissioners, her role was to inform and provide guidance to the then-president on education issues pertaining to hispanic students.

Photo by J. Countess/Getty Images

Kerry Washington

Born January 31, 1977

Onscreen, Kerry Washington makes herself heard as a crisis management expert in the ABC drama seriesScandal.Offscreen, she advocates to ensure everyone has a voice.

She has continually worked with the  Allstate Foundation Purple Purse, a charity that helps women find the financial, physical, and emotional independence they need to escape abusive relationships. 

In 2013, she spoke to  The Guardian and said, “I’m a woman, Black, from New York, Aquarius—these are things that create who I am. I’m interested in living in a post-racist world, where being African American doesn’t dictate limitations on what I can do—but I don’t want to live post-race. Our differences are so fascinating and wonderful.” Kerry is as good a woman as anyone to rep the sign!

Photo by Thomas Whiteside, Marie Claire Magazine

The Weeknd

Born February 16, 1990

Despite his surmounting fame, The Weeknd has managed to remain a bit of an enigma. A man of few words, the singer generally likes to keep his profile low and life drama-free.

What is quite dramatic in the best way possible, however, is the fact that he has quietly donated almost $2.5 million to various charities since June of 2020. 

Here’s his track record of donations, just to name a few:

$300,000 -Global Aid for Lebanon

$100,000 -National Bail Out

$200,000 -Know Your Rights Camp Legal Defense Initiative

$500,000 -MusiCares Covid-19 Relief Fund

$500,000 -Scarborough Health Network Foundation

$200,000 -Black Lives Matter

Photo by Rich Fury—Invision/AP Images

Oprah Winfrey

Born January 29, 1966

We couldn’t put together a list of big-hearted A-listers without mentioning Oprah, who’s well-known for her extensive resume of humanitarian work and (perhaps not-so-coincidentally) also happens to be an Aquarius.

Through her organizations,  Oprah’s Angel Network and  The Oprah Winfrey Foundation, she supports projects like building schools across the globe, providing school supplies to children in need, restoring communities across America impacted by natural disasters, and much more. 

She also sponsors a school-based program called O Ambassadors that “inspires young people to become active, compassionate, and knowledgeable global citizens.” Oprah's charitable impact clocks in at about $400 million donated. 

Photo by Mary Green for

Feeling inspired to lead in these VIPs’ footsteps and make a change too? Be a global-citizen and channel your inner Aquarius by donating a few dollars to an organization that means something to you, or by getting involved with a local cause that’s close to your heart.