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The Best TikTok Content to Feed Your Inner Pisces

by Malka Nebro March 05, 2021

The Best TikTok Content to Feed Your Inner Pisces

Pisces season is upon us, and given the sign is known for its artistic abilities, there’s never been a better time to get creative. Whether you’re a Pisces yourself, or just looking to try some DIYs to channel your inner Picasso, behold five TikTok accounts to binge for endless inspiration.

1. @linton_art 

This page’s content is perfect for all tree hugging art enthusiasts. (That pretty much describes Pisces in four words). Erik Linton’s prints are created with objects found in nature, like feathers, leaves, flowers and -- most notably -- massive cross sections of trees. His videos are no-frills, not subscribing to the platform’s typically trending sounds and filters, but rather featuring print-making ASMR audio and the occasional ethereal soundtrack song. This is definitely the art page to look at if you want to connect to nature… via your cell phone.

Images by @linton_art via Instagram

2. @daxnewman769 

Immediately identifiable by his shaggy hair and SoCal look, Dax, the self-proclaimed “local mug dealer” runs one of the fastest growing pottery accounts on the Gen Z-dominated platform. As a Gen Z-er himself, he knows just what works to engage his followers. His account is made up of comprehensive start-to-finish pottery videos, snippets of him slapping mounds of clay while making lingering eye contact with the camera and flashing his pearly-whites, and quick how-tos on all things sculpting and glazing. His page is a healthy mix of ceramic inspo and fangirl-able content, which makes him extra popular among TikTok’s main demographic. His content is both creative and entertaining to watch, and his fun-loving personality shines through in every video. 

Images by @thedaxnewman via Instagram

3. @gaffreyartmaterial

This TikTok account takes the term “oddly satisfying” to a whole new level. The brand Gaffrey Art Material shows their products in play, with their acrylic paints being used as a sculpture medium. Come to this account if you want to see artists piping textured landscapes and still lifes like a baker would pipe desserts, creating cloud shapes so fluffy they’re reminiscent of Italian meringues. This page is not so much of a brand plug as it is a depiction of never-before-seen painting techniques. This content is like a (very non-edible) crossover between cake decoration and fine arts. 

Images by @gaffreyartmaterial via Instagram

4. @malvinaisfan

If anyone ever challenges you by saying “makeup isn’t real art,” just show them this page. Malvina, Romanian makeup artist extraordinaire, creates dazzling looks on the faces of some truly beautiful models. She treats their skin like a blank canvas, genty painting them with makeup brushes, using vibrant colors, glitters and gemstones to adorn them, all while making it look so easy! For us, her content just happens to prove as the ultimate #BigNightOut inspiration board. If you haven’t worn makeup since the pandemic started, you’re not alone, but if you’re not watching Malvina, you’re certainly late to the party.   

Images by @malvinaisfan via Instagram

5. @eastofhoney

Rosie, owner and operator of @eastofhoney, is a collage artist. Her work features magazine and book clippings from publications of the past. Because the medium she works with is pre-owned and upcycled, her art is highly inspired by vintage styles and imagery. Her content is perfect inspiration for an easy DIY, because you don’t have to have expensive equipment and tons of material to create art in your own home. All you need is a little creativity and a magazine or two, and Rosie is here to prove that. 

Images by @eastofhoney via Instagram

For more creativity and nail art inspo, follow us on TikTok @emilieheathe too. No matter your creative niche, this platform is the place to explore it. These are just a few accounts to start with, but we’ll let the For You Page algorithm take it from here.