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Ingredient Feature: Behind Full Up Brow Powder

by Malka Nebro July 14, 2021

Ingredient Feature: Behind Full Up Brow Powder

As a clean beauty brand, one of our main pillars is to include ingredients in our products that are effective as both skincare and makeup. Most people don’t think their eyebrows are in need of much care besides occasional trimming or plucking, but just like the hair on your head or the skin on your face, your brows should be treated with similar hydrating and nourishing ingredients. 

Did you know that waxy brow products like pomades and pencils can clog the pores beneath your brows, inhibiting hair growth and even causing breakouts? It’s true, and that’s why we developed a lightweight powder with Japanese molecule-binding technology which adheres to your brow hairs for long lasting wear. This is why Full Up leaves you with natural looking, fluffy brows that never look overfilled. 

The formula innovation within Full Up is also teeming with ingredients that benefit your hairs and the skin beneath them; it’s as if skincare and makeup had a baby! Read on for a deeper dive into the star ingredients that make Full Up great enough to be your new favorite brow product.

Green Tea

Green Tea is a superfood  ingredient hailing from Asia works wonders for hair growth and regrowth. It stimulates hair follicles, and its antioxidant properties ensure that your hair and skin cells are protected from external stressors like free radicals. In fact, there are multiple studies that show how green tea is linked to the prevention of  testosterone,  alopecia, and other hormone induced forms of hair loss.


This  ingredient is known as nature’s humectant, which means it preserves moisture without contributing to oiliness. It helps to smooth out coarse hair, and also add luster and shine. Not to mention, honey is perfect for sensitive skin, as it has natural antiseptic and antibacterial properties that are beneficial in  treating wounds, acne, and other damaging skin conditions.

Sunflower Seed Wax

Similarly to honey, sunflower seed wax works to moisturize and protect hair due to its rich combination of  vitamins A and E. Their moisturizing and antioxidant properties leave your hair in a better state than it was before use. Plus, like green tea, the  vitamin D and fatty  arachidonic acid within sunflower seed wax both are proven to aid in certain hair growth functions, making hairs grow longer, stronger, and faster.