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by Malka Nebro December 16, 2020


Upon first discovering Gabby’s nail art on Instagram, we were immediately impressed. Her attention to detail, perfectly steady hand, and stunning designs had us enthralled. Discovering her YouTube channel got us even more invested! Her nail art tutorials are so satisfying to watch, that we knew we needed to reach out to work together for our Creator Series immediately. 

Gabby’s personality shines through her artwork; each nail art look she creates is distinctively hers. We knew that by asking her to create a vision of EMILIE HEATHE through her eyes, she would do so with her own style and flare, in a fiercely unique way. 

Gabbysnailart Emilie Heathe Nail Polish

Without further ado, introducing Gabby Morris:

“I first got into nail art when I was 8 years old. I remember sitting on the floor for hours, painting my nails, taking it off and then doing a new design. I just loved the process of creating, being inspired, and painting! Now, 15 years later, my love for nail art has only grown! I’ve turned my passion into my job through Instagram and YouTube, where I have the opportunity to share my love for nail art with a whole community of people. I typically post easy minimal nail looks and tutorials. I also enjoy giving tips and tricks so that nail lovers can do their nails right at home!”

"I really wanted to keep the looks I created for EMILIE HEATHE simple and clean. I feel like the perfect way to do that is with black and white. I love the sharp contrast between the two and how they can create so many different looks! Black and white are a must have in a nail polish collection!"

Creator Series Q&A