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A Letter from The Founder: The Voulez-Vous Candle Launch

by Emily Rudman Mesones March 11, 2021

A Letter from The Founder: The Voulez-Vous Candle Launch

I am so excited to announce our latest drop and the newest members of the Emilie Heathe product family. Our Voulez-Vous candles are finally here after months of preparation and anticipation and I can’t wait to share them with you...


Candles create an ambience. They summon a sense of calm and have a way of making life’s big and little moments feel extra special. When I used to do makeup for brides or events, I would always bring a candle to help set and enhance the mood. Like the other products in our collection, they provide an outlet for self-care and expressiona luxurious, personalized experience you can create for yourself or someone you love. 

Sustainability is something we consider with everything we make, and this launch was no exception. Our candles feature an all-natural coconut wax blend and a 100% pure cotton wick and are made without parabens and phthalates for a cleaner burn that's better for you and the air you breathe. Our manufacturer is also B-Corp certified, which indicates they are a sustainable company and follow the 10 principles of fair trade.

We care about producing high-quality products, but also about supporting and uplifting communities whenever we can. We decided to forego a large-scale factory production for this product, working with a small candle manufacturer instead. The artisans in the studio are female refugees from countries like Burma, Bhutan, Congo, Haiti and Iraq. These strong women hand-pour our candles in small batches in a comfortable and safe environment. They’re all paid fairly and provided opportunities to perfect their crafts, while planting roots for a better future. 


Fragrance is timeless and transportive, with scent being our strongest trigger to memory. We knew we had to make two candles because one alone couldn’t check all of our fragrance boxes. We wanted something bright, vibrant and playful, and something warmer, deeper and sultry, and thus A Night In Ayllón and Calmez-Vous were born.

A Night In Ayllón has inviting notes of bergamot, sandalwood, oud, and tonka. While the notes do not technically originate from Spain (where the town of Ayllón is located), they sparked nostalgia for my wedding day, which took place in Los Claustros de Ayllón. As anyone knows, planning a wedding (let alone one in another country and language) is a lot of work. The one thing I would not compromise on was having as many candles and lights as we could. The fragrance notes in this candle transport me to that special time and place and evokes tender emotions of excitement and romance. 

Calmez-Vous is the sensual counterpart to A Night In Ayllón. The no frills, all feels fragrance elegantly balances palo santo and patchouli and makes for the perfect bedroom scent. “Calmez-vous” means “calm down” in French, and that’s exactly how this fragrance makes me and anyone else who has smelled it feellike all of our troubles are melting away. Of course, one of the sexiest things about fragrance is that it’s subjective. When one of our team members first got a whiff, she said it smelled like “messy hair, tangled sheets and the familiar scent that lingers in the intimate space between lovers, begging you to come closer.” That’s a direct quote!



Which candle speaks to you? Visit our  Fragrance section to have a closer look and shop the new collection.