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How To Romanticize Your Life During Pisces Season

by Zarah Harris March 07, 2022

How To Romanticize Your Life During Pisces Season

Dive into this Pisces season with a passionate mindset. This zodiac season is about prioritizing creativity and romance. With the sun in Pisces from February 18 to March 20, you’ll begin to notice a few sparks in the air. 

According to astrology experts, the orbits of Venus and Mars are responsible for this dreamy mood. Start living in your fantasy world and make the most of every experience. Here are a few suggestions on how to romanticize your life during Pisces season.  

1. Cook a nice meal for yourself

Although cooking can seem like a hassle during a busy week, when you put love and intention behind your meals it allows food to fuel more than just your body. Making yourself a satisfying meal can feed the mind and soul too! Try a recipe out of the New York Times Bestseller, Cook This Book by Molly Baz.

"Cook This Book" by Molly Baz

2. Create a Vision Board

Get into the Piscean spirit by using your imagination. Collect inspiring images that represent things you love or some of your goals. This visual collage will serve as a great reminder for what you’re always working towards. 

3. Spice up your favorite morning drink

Drinking a morning beverage is a great way to kick start your day. Make your morning ritual extra special by adding a little surprise in every sip. For coffee and tea lovers, try adding chai spices or cinnamon to your morning cup. These spices can help regulate blood sugar levels. If you’re someone who likes to reach for a glass of water, squeeze in some lemon juice. Lemon water can help aid digestion. Bring a whole new experience to your mornings by making a small change.

4. Meditate

Meditating is one of the best ways to spend time with yourself. Meditation can help reduce stress, enhance self-awareness and promote emotional health. The best part is it can be done anywhere! Find a calming space and seat yourself in a comfortable position. Close your eyes and take a few deep breaths. While you do this, take a moment to reflect and express gratitude. For a sensory oriented meditation, go ahead and light a candle. Find yourself in a state of zen with apps like  Headspace that offer guided sessions.

Headspace App Icon

5. Start a journal

Gaining self confidence, strengthening your memory and improvements in communication skills are all benefits of journaling. When you journal, use it as an opportunity to see your life through a new lens. Take on a perspective that finds joy in the simplest of things. There’s plenty of different ways to journal. You can keep a dream journal, a fitness journal, or even a gratitude journal. Find the perfect match and try a journal from Ink + Volt.

Ink + Volt Reflection Journal

6. Create a relaxing bath routine

Self care can be as simple as running yourself a warm bath. Turn to the healing powers of water to restore your energy. Enjoy a relaxing bath by using a soothing scent like lavender or chamomile. Using essential oils can help relieve stress, pain and low moods.

7. Explore the world around you

Sometimes you don’t have to go far to have an adventure. Take yourself somewhere new within your local area. It could be a coffee shop you’ve never been to before or a nature trail you’ve never trekked. No matter where you go, remember to take in the beauty that surrounds you when visiting a new place. 

8. Spoil yourself 

Treating yourself every once in a while can help you stay energized and content. Treat yourself to a new book, a bouquet of flowers or a new perfume. Named as one of the best beauty products of 2021 by Allure, Tom Ford's Lost Cherry is a sweet, irresistible, and totally splurge-worthy fragrance. 

Tom Ford Lost Cherry Fragrance

9. Pick up a hobby

Hobbies are a great defense against boredom. Leisure activities can lead to higher levels of productivity and happiness. Having a hobby is a great way to explore your passions and to do something just for yourself. 

10. Engage in mindful movement 

Engaging in mindful movement means you’re listening to your body when exercising. It can be stretching, dancing or just going for a walk. The key to mindful movement is paying careful attention to how your body feels. In 2018, a research study conducted at Penn State found that participants who mindfully engaged in a physical activity experienced lower levels of stress. Practicing mindful movement can help strengthen your mind and body connection.