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What's An Ice Facial & How Can I Get One At Home?

by Rachel Munarov June 17, 2022

What's An Ice Facial & How Can I Get One At Home?

Ice baths are  something beauty gurus and health aficionados have been dunking in for centuries. It was a common practice to improve health and body function in ancient Greek and Roman times, and many people across the globe still follow this practice today.  Wondering why it’s so popular? Ice baths have proven physical, mental, and skin benefits that everyone wants to achieve, from ancient rulers to modern influencers and everyone in between.

Exposure to cold temperatures can significantly improve the skin’s appearance, as it helps soothe sensitive areas like under-eye bags. Its skin-tightening qualities help sculpt the face, reduce pore size, and soothe acne irritation and redness caused by hyperpigmentation.  Ice therapy also has anti-aging benefits– it aids in the creation of collagen and elastin, which tightens the skin. 

Getting an ice facial is a fun and easy way to bring this centuries-old ice bath tradition to modern times. DIY skin treatments are popular right now because they bring the spa to your own home for little or no cost. There are tons of tools available to make this skin treatment possible with no special skills necessary. Try a cooled face massager like this cryo roller from vanity planet, or ice globes, like this set from Goop. Chill these products ahead of time, and they’ll maintain their chill outside of the freezer. 

Vanity Planet and Goop products

Here are some tips on how to get the best use out of your facial massage tools (or even an ice cube, if that floats your boat instead!)

1. Prep your skin with a plumping and radiance-enhancing serum. Doing so will give your skin a head start at tightening and provides a nourishing barrier between your ice cold tools and your delicate skin. Check out the Noni Glow Face Oil from Kora Organics which has all the benefits you’re looking for.

Kora Noni Facial Glow Oil

2. If you have hyper-sensitive skin, wait a few minutes after taking your cooling tools out of the freezer before use. If you choose to massage with an ice cube instead, consider wrapping it in gauze or a thin cloth to avoid irritation.

3. If you’ve ever used a gua sha, the technique for cooling massages is quite similar. Massage in swift and smooth upward motions, starting at your neck, working your way up your jaw to your ears, temples and beyond. Use a thinnest part of your massage tool or ice cube to fit snugly beneath your eyes and in the crevices of your face, like around your nose and lips.

4. Keep the ice cube moving! Don’t hold it in one spot for too long.

5. Finish off your facial with a good moisturizer to lock in the results from your massage and improve skin elasticity.

Expert tip: Keep your sheet masks in the fridge for a few hours or overnight before use, then use a chilled facial massager while wearing the mask. Try this ‘Clean at Sephora’ face mask from  Dr. Barbara Sturm for its tightening and hydrating properties.