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How To Identify Your Natural Undertones

by Malka Nebro April 12, 2022

How To Identify Your Natural Undertones

When shopping for new beauty products, it's always important to know what undertones you have and how to highlight them. What’s an undertone, you may be wondering? This term refers to the color just beneath your skin. You can tell with the naked eye what yours are, whether they’re warm, cool, or neutral. 

Warm undertones range through golden yellows and deep olives, whereas cool undertones can have traces of pink and blue hues. You should know it’s not always true that warm undertones equal dark skin and cool undertones equal light skin, however this often is the case. But any skin tone can have any undertone– this is why it’s so hard to match foundations and concealers! However, there are a few tricks to make figuring this out just a little easier.

The White Method

Grab your most crisp white t-shirt or even a piece of white printer paper. When wearing the t-shirt or holding the sheet next to your face, do you look rosy or golden? If you answer rosy, your undertones are likely cool, and if you answer golden, they’re warm. If you just can’t tell, your undertones are neutral.

Check Your Veins

What color are your veins? If they’re purple or blue, chances are your undertones are cool. If they’re more on the green or teal, your undertones are warm. If they appear to be different colors on different parts of your body or they’re not really showing through your skin at all, you’re neutral. 

Do You Burn?

We know to wear sunscreen all year round and especially in the summer, but that’s not why we’re here right now. You know your skin best. Do you burn easily? If the answer is yes, your undertones are cool. If you never burn but only tan, you’re warm, and if your burns quickly turn to tans, you’re neutral. 

Now that you've figured out what undertones you have, you can more easily pick out a matching shade of foundation and concealer. When it comes to lipstick, it’s not all that important to match your undertones to achieve your gorgeous glam, however it’ll tie your look together seamlessly, regardless of how dark, bold, or subtle your lipstick shade is. 

Try our Lip Atelier Lip Colours in shade The New Vamp if your undertones are cool, or As If and Public if they’re warm. Try 212 or Mude if you’re neutral, or try layering one on top of another to create the ultimate neutral pink!

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