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The Libra’s Guide to Transitional Autumn Fashion

by Malka Nebro September 29, 2021

The Libra’s Guide to Transitional Autumn Fashion

Libra Season marks the start of Fall, at least up here in the Northern Hemisphere. This is the time of year where we welcome all things knit, jewel toned, and oh-so cozy. You might not always be sure how to dress for temperatures that change so much from morning to evening, so we thought it necessary to create a fashion guide for Libra Season, where every look is perfectly balanced for this transitional time. 

Layering Tips For Fall

Transitioning your wardrobe between seasons is no easy feat, especially if you think of the street as your runway. Transitional fashion is all about layering in fun and creative ways.

The best way to add some shape to a more loosely fitting outfit is by defining the waistline with a structured piece of outerwear. Linen blazers, anyone? Take your summer linens right into fall by wearing them in darker hues. This tip also helps to make a more relaxed outfit appear sharper and more refined. 

Carla Rockmore is the queen of marrying oversized and fitted pieces in a single outfit. She has been recently popularized on Tiktok for her sage advice when it comes to all things fashion and jewelry styling, and was recently named by  Vogue as the real life Carrie Bradshaw. Run, don’t walk, to her page for endless inspiration and close looks at vintage designer pieces.

For another outfit, try wearing a sweater vest over a basic tee rather than a collared button down for a cooler look (both temperature-wise and aesthetically). Tuck the sweater into a pair of oversized trousers for a light and airy outfit that says “Yes, I read Jane Austen.” A look like this strikes the perfect balance between classic and modern, andLibras are all about balance, right? 

Autumn Fashion Recommendations

Libra Season speaks to  pink and blue hues, as these colors are related to clarity, balance, and softness. These shades help to soften one’s presence during Libra Season, and they provide a cool airiness. It’s safe to say that  purple tones like lavenders and  periwinkles are Libra-approved too. 

How fun is a lavender sweater vest on top of a white tee? (We think very.) It’s the perfect way to add a sprinkle of summer into your fall wardrobe. Have a mani to match by painting your nails with Emilie Heathe’s Nail Artist polish in shadeEmma. 


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Accessorizing Tips For Fall

Early fall has lots of warmer days and cooler evenings. You never know when you’ll have to take your look from day to night without stopping home first for an outfit change. 

Do you enjoy carrying a tote stuffed with a sweatshirt all day in preparation for the evening? Likely not, so instead, wrap your sweater or a button down across your chest and shoulders like a crossbody bag. This adds an interesting layering and texture element to your outfit (more fabric = more texture), but also acts as an accessory. 

For even more fabric and texture mixing, tie a lightweight silk or cotton scarf around the strap of your handbag to toss on later if you’re especially chilly. 

Fall Fashion Recommendations

Shoe Recommendations For Fall

With more rainy days during Fall, it’s time to retire your canvas sneakers and sandals and break out some more weatherproof options instead. A leather shoe is not only classic, but it provides an elegant level of juxtaposition when paired with more lightweight, flowy fabrics. 

For example, a wide-legged trouser or jean with a dark leather loafer is very trendy this year, and even makes for an in-style relaxed back-in-office look (we love an updated dress code.) A Western boot can also elongate the leg when worn with a relaxed thigh-length dress. Heritage-style boots typically have a dip in the top-center area of the shaft, which helps to draw the eye down the leg, rather than cutting off the ankle in an unflattering place. 


Shoe recommendations


No matter what Autumn fashion approach you take, we have the nail colors to match. Try our  Nail Artist Nail Polishes in a rich formula enhanced with nourishing ingredients that’ll keep your nails healthy and strong all Fall long.

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