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Lip Atelier: A Lipstick Consumer Study

by Malka Nebro August 03, 2021

Lip Atelier: A Lipstick Consumer Study

We conducted a two-week study with 30 lipstick lovers between the ages of 22 to 81, and they gave us their honest feedback. 

We discovered that the vast majority of our study participants have dry or chapped lips for many months of the year, so they value lipsticks that are comfortable and have hydrating properties. This is exactly where our shiny, semi-sheer lipsticks come into play, because Lip Atelier is rich with natural waxes that are inherently moisturizing. 

Here are the facts:

93% of respondents felt the lipsticks were buildable in coverage. Take your look from very sheer to full coverage in just a few swipes. 

100% felt Lip Atelier was moisturizing, and 94% believed their lips felt smoother, softer, and more supple after continued use. This must be due to the botanical extracts, natural waxes, antioxidants, and essential vitamins in our formula that benefit the skin. 

63% were bold enough to layer Public and 212 together, and they loved the outcome. The rest weren’t quite sure how they felt, but experimentation with beauty isn’t for everyone. 

94% wanted to buy our lipstick in a wide range of colors. For reference, our participants only tried Public and 212, and had no idea about the other three colors we had in the works. 

71.9% agreed that Lip Atelier Lip Colours were long wearing. That’s a pretty great number for a semi-sheer formula, a lipstick finish that is widely known to move and transfer. 

96.9% thought Lip Atelier’s formula was superior to other lipsticks in their collections. Talk about an ego boost! 

100% of respondents would recommend Lip Atelier to their friends and family, and we think you would too. 

Feeling inspired to finally try Lip Atelier? The numbers don’t lie, and neither do our claims about our moisturizing, nourishing, buildable lip colours.

Emilie Heathe Lipstick - Lip Atelier Lip Colour