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The Sagittarius’s Guide to Crystals and Gemstones

by Ana Furtado December 01, 2021

The Sagittarius’s Guide to Crystals and Gemstones

It’s no surprise that the zodiac calendar and crystals go hand in hand. This Sagittarius season, get in touch with your spiritual side and learn about the powers our favorite crystals and gemstones hold.


Topaz is November's birthstone and is perfect for Sagittarius season. The wordtopaz is rooted in the Sanskrit wordtapas,meaning heat or burn, and the stone holds a fiery energy, bringing forward excitable and confident moods. Keep topaz around to channel sunlight and positivity. 

Pair this stone with Nail Artist Nail Polish in shade Liquid Assets, our bright and vivacious shimmering rose gold, to spark great vibes.


Amethyst is February’s birthstone, and carries the calming yet powerful energy those born that month (Aquarius) tend to have. Accordingto ancient Greek beliefs,this stone also holds healing properties-- In fact, the word ‘amethyst’ comes from the Greek wordamethystos, meaning non-toxic, and alludes to the idea of a spiritual detox.

Did you know our Nail Artist Nail Polish is non-toxic and 10-free? Try shade Big Night Out, whose purple hue is akin to the rich and powerful spirit of the amethyst.  


Onyx is the birthstone of the Leo zodiac, and it’s very fitting for Leo’s strong personality. This hypnotizing and mysterious black stone is a powerful one, as it has the ability to guide one along a spiritual journey, shining hope and light out of a long, dark path. Onyx is also known to protect the mind and body from any and all negativity, so it’s always a good idea to have this stone around.

Pair onyx with The Basic Bitch for a taste of Leo spirituality and ferocity.


Turquoise is December’s birthstone. It represented good fortune and wisdom in ancient civilizations, and today it holds associations with enduring love. This stone is also known to bring forth a tranquil energy everyone can benefit from. 

Pair turquoise with Nail Artist Nail Polish in shade Emma to provide the perfect calming aura to your beauty or spirituality routine. 

Rose quartz

Love is in the air! Rose Quartz is January's birthstone, and it attracts unconditional love. It doesn’t matter what kind of love you seek-- this light pink stone sparks love of all types, whether it’s romantic, platonic, or self-love. 

Pair your rose quartz crystal with Nail Artist Nail Polish in shade Macaron. Use this sweet duo when you’re daydreaming about that special someone, if you need to mend a broken heart, or when you’re simply loving yourself.  

Red goldstone

If you’re feeling unmotivated, red goldstone is just what you need. It’s saidto be the stone of confidence and ambition, and can help you lift away any anxious energy to uncover a more peaceful mindset. Despite its name, the gold shine in goldstone comes from copper, and it deflects unwanted energy.

Pair red goldstone withNail Artist Nail Polish in shadePublic for an extra dose of shimmer and sparkle that’ll be sure to lift any negative spirits.

Green Aventurine

Green aventurine carries the zen energies of nature and the calmness of a quotidian. If you are manifesting stability, this is the stone for you.It stabilizes one's state of mind, while simultaneously stimulating and enhancing creativity.

Pair green aventurine with Nail Artist Nail Polish in shade Goddess to achieve ideal spiritual balance.