6 Herbal and Woody Home & Body Fragrances Every Taurus Will Love

by Malka Nebro May 06, 2021

6 Herbal and Woody Home & Body Fragrances Every Taurus Will Love

It’s Taurus season, and that means it's time for earth signs to shine. Taurus is one of three earth signs (along with Virgo and Capricorn), which means those born between April 20 and May 20 have a natural affinity for all things green and earth-related! Whether this trait is manifested as a love of the outdoors, an appreciation for botany, or a gravitation towards woody and herbal fragrances is subject to vary, but as a beauty brand, we’re naturally drawn to the latter. 

As you may have noticed, fragrances are blurring the line between masculinity and femininity, with more unisex scents inspired by elements of nature rather than being overly sweet or intensely cologne-like. What makes these fragrances extra Taurus-friendly is the fact that they typically have rich earthy undertones (think spices, woods, musks, and citrus). Fitting, right? Whether you’re a Taurus, earth sign, or are just looking to make an update, here are six great home and body fragrances that are as gorgeous as they are grounding.


We all know about Le Labo’s ever-so famous Santal 33, the fragrance launched in 2011 that is  still  in style. However, you might not have heard of its candle counterpart named Palo Santo 14. Unlike Santal 33, which is based in sandalwood, Palo Santo 14 tames the smell ofyou guessed it— Palo Santo, while highlighting its freshness and slightly citrus-like energy.

This scent is soothing and inviting, with an invigorating blend of cedarwood, labdanum, incense, and patchouli. If you don’t know what those ingredients smell like, they’re about as warm and herbal as it gets. Labdanum, perhaps the least commonly known of the bunch, hails from the mediterranean region, and is known for its pine and tobacco undertones. The burning of Palo Santo wood is ceremoniously sacred due to its ability to clear negative energy in the room, so this candle has nothing but good vibes.

PALO SANTO 14 classic candle


As a child, did you ever climb a tree or sit in a treehouse among the leaves? Byredo’s Tree House Room Spray transports any space in your home into that exact memory. Its notes of cedar, bamboo, sandalwood, guaiac wood, and hay are about as woody as fragrance notes get, and they’re complemented and contrasted with spice, myrrh, and labdanum.  

Together, this delicate combination of both dry and creamy smelling woods and spices creates an energy in your living space that can’t be beat. 

Byredo Tree House Room Spray


This fragrance oil is named after the founder of Maison Louis Marie’s dreamy family estate, which borders an ancient forest. It’s inspired by a winding path through the woods referred to as “Lover’s Lane”. If that doesn't sound like a fairytale, what does? 

Similar to Byredo’s room spray, this perfume is a romantic and succulent blend of woods and spices, complemented by an autumnal combination of cinnamon and nutmeg, with a hint of smoky and leathery vetiver. 

Perfume Oil No.04 Bois de Balincourt


Diptque, beloved for their luxury candles, knows a thing or two about perfumery. Tempo, inspired by the 1960s, is the rich and woody scent you didn’t know you needed in your fragrance rotation. It’s rooted in patchouli, an ultra-popular fragrance note in the 60s which smells of spice and sweetness, and is native to Southeast Asia. The scent is elevated by violet leaf,an inherently non-floral smelling plantto create a well-rounded and sophisticated earthen blend. 

Tempo earns extra points for winning Best New Men’s Fragrance at The Fragrance Foundation Awards in 2019, although it can be worn by anyone, as demonstrated by the many men and women who rated it as unisex on fragrance  forums!

Diptyque Tempo


Who knew soap could smell so delectable? This Malin + Goetz formula was designed for hands and body, so you can use it as a little dose of luxury while washing up, or as a completely immersive experience in the shower. 

This is no ordinary soap. It’s thick in texture and foams just the right amount. What’s even better is that its semi-sweet, super fresh, and subtly-spiced fragrance lingers for quite a while after use, and fades out slowly like a fragrance you’ve been wearing all day. 

rum hand+body wash


Bvlgari doesn't just make luxury jewels and handbags. The brand has a unisex signature scent too, which it has applied to products like lotions, soaps, haircare, and more. The Au Thé Blanc Body Lotion is fresh and floral, but has contrasting hints of musk (earthy), white tea (somewhat citrus), and ambrette (reminiscent of cognac). It’s inspiration is drawn from a white Himalayan tea sipped in Nepal, and was designed in true Bvlgari fashion to exude an air of opulence.