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Behind the The Emilie Heathe x The Batman™ Nail Polish Collection

by Emily Rudman February 15, 2022

Behind the The Emilie Heathe x The Batman™ Nail Polish Collection


The first superhero movie I ever saw was the 1989 Batman film. I was five years old at the time, and I remember being scared, yet mesmerized and fascinated by it. This film was my first introduction to the world of superheroes and comic books, and I haven’t looked back since.

In 1st grade, everyone in school collected and traded comic book cards. I still have binders full of my own. The fad quickly died off amongst the girls in class, but I was more enthralled in the world of comics than ever before. I vividly remember watching a special segment on TV around that time, hosted by two of the comic book greats, Stan and Jim Lee, who explained everything there was to know about the unique art of drawing strips. I quickly picked up on their techniques and fell in love with this form of artistry.

Comic books became a vehicle for self-expression, as I struggled with my own identity as a child. Being adopted from South Korea by white parents and growing up in a predominantly white community presented its fair share of struggles. My older sister (also adopted from South Korea) began wearing makeup in middle school, and led me to the world of beauty. I had spent so many hours drawing heroines' faces that it was a natural and seamless progression for me to start painting my own. Thus, the spark for Emilie Heathe was struck.

The Emilie Heathe x The Batman™ collection is one of the most important collaborations that we’ve done to date. After my love for reading and drawing comic books morphed into a love for beauty, I knew I wanted to start my own brand and somehow, someday, marry the two. This collaboration with Warner Brothers is very full circle for me and the brand; it’s a dream come true, as my long-time loves of beauty and comics are finally joining together.


The Emilie Heathe x The Batman™ Collection features 3 shimmering nail polish shades with unique finishes. Each colour is inspired by a character from The Batman™ film, and is named after key motifs from the film and comics.

Madness is largely inspired by the villainous Riddler, who’s tall tales and puzzles leave Gotham City perplexed. This duo-chrome finish took months to perfect, as we meticulously tweaked the shimmer that flips between purple and green to achieve the effect we envisioned. And that we did; Madness shifts between these two hues depending on how the light hits it. 

Vengeance is inspired by the feminine ferocity of Selina Kyle, AKA Cat Woman. This garnet red features a matching red shimmer to create a flawless metallic finish. This shade is named vengeance after Selina Kyle’s fiery hunger for retribution and revenge on those who have wronged her.

The Dark Night is a subtle play on words alluding to The Batman’s™ nickname, The Dark Knight. This shade is inspired by the character himself, as well as the sky where his emblem shines. Madness and Vengeance have unique shimmer finishes, and this shade is no different. The multi-sized silver shimmer represents stars that glitter the midnight sky.