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The Significance of the Year Of The Tiger

by Malka Nebro February 01, 2022

The Significance of the Year Of The Tiger

Lunar New Year, also known as 春节 Chunjie (China), 설날 Seollal (Korea), ལོ་གསར Losar (Tibet) and Tét (Vietnam), always begins on the first new moon of the lunisolar calendar. Each lunar year is connected to a zodiac animal and its related attributes, with 12 animals recurring on a 12-year cycle. Traditions span from gathering with family to making dumplings, with Lunar New Year most commonly visualized through the use of lucky colors red and gold.

We’re entering the Year of the Tiger. Following the Year of the Ox, the Tiger symbolizes new beginnings and big changes. Some years in recent history that were ruled by the tiger are 1938, 1950, 1962, 1974, 1986, 1998, and 2010. If you were born during one of these years, you might think this is your time to shine. However, be warned, if you were born in the year of the current Zodiac, you may be riddled with bad luck until the next Zodiac animal takes rule.

Do you embody the tiger?

Whether or not you were born under this Zodiac, it’s never a bad idea to know about and channel some of its most powerful traits. Tigers are known and respected in Chinese astrology for their fearlessness, courage, passion and competitive nature. These characteristics make them attractive to others, as their confident and stoic allure makes them strong alphas in any situation.

What Wood Means in Chinese Astrology: 

Each Chinese zodiac animal is closely related with some type of element, whether it be wood, fire, metal, water, or earth. Similar to Greek astrology, these elements declare certain personality traits for those with whom they are associated. 

Wood is the element related to the Year of the Tiger, and symbolizes creativity, imagination, and personal growth. Think of it as a tree, spurring from the earth and growing into something large, complex, and beautiful. In Chinese astrology, wood also gives birth to fire (the next astrological element), which sparks human relationships and passionate adventures. 

Get Glam This Lunar New Year

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