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6 Fashion Trends for 2021 That Are Sure to Take Over Zoom

by Jenn Sinrich January 08, 2021

6 Fashion Trends for 2021 That Are Sure to Take Over Zoom

All those beautiful clothes you bought towards the end of 2019 and in early 2020 have probably spent the majority of their lifetime in your closet. No one prepared for a global pandemic, nor the isolation and greatly extended couch surfing time that came along with it. While the shift in lifestyle has certainly influenced a greater acceptance for athleisure, it hasn’t totally replaced the need to get dressed up—if only for a quick Zoom call. 

“Our Zoom appearances have become the precedent for bathing, wearing real clothes, and putting on makeup,” says Nicole Russo, stylist and founder of  Let's Get You. “With video calls being the main way we interact with people, we've entered a sort of hodge-podge world of mullet-style dressing, where anything more than pajamas is dressed up, and many are wondering why we try at all.”

It’s also inspired a new wave of fashion trends that are popping up on more and more virtual face-to-face meetings. Whether or not you dress up fully for Zoom meeting, or rock PJs on your bottom half is totally your call, but in case you want to rock the latest and greatest. Here are 6 trends that fashion experts predict are sure to take over Zoom in 2021, dramatized by the hottest Spring 2021 runway collections. 

Statement sleeves

Lana Blanc, stylist and personal shopper, predicts that the "Zoom boom" is going to put extra emphasis on tops (think sweatpants on the bottom and a blouse on top) and that it’s going to fare well for the statement sleeve trend. “Whether it's 80s, big-shouldered vibes at Chanel and Louis Vuitton or oversized ruffles at Christian Siriano and Khaite, Spring 2021 runways showed us that this trend is here to stay and it's only going to get bigger and better!” she says.

Statement Sleeve Tops and Dresses

Amped up jewelry 

Chicago-based stylist  Jenny Applegate believes jewelry is a great way to let your personality shine on a Zoom call. She’s a big fan of mixing up costume with high-end pieces and even mixing metals or delicate with chunky pieces. “Also, a bold earring shows up really well on camera,” she says. “I love the look of pairing a bold earring in a contrasting color from your top.” If your top has a lot of color or pattern, she suggests opting for a bold neutral earring. 

Big Jewelry

Oversized button down shirts 

Want to look professional and feel comfortable at the same time? Celebrity stylist  Amber Padilla suggests a men's crisp button down shirt that was once worn to the office. “The oversize fit is less restricting, and the proportions stand out in a good way,” she says. “Belt it, unbutton an extra button or two or wear it off the shoulder for a stylish and refined look.” 

Oversized Button Down Shirt


“Not a new trend by any means, but the cardigan this season is seeing a lot of varying proportions—from cropped options to oversized boyfriend looks,” says Applegate. “Cardigans look professional on a video call but also offer up an easy way to stay cozy working at home.” She recommends layering up with a sweater tank underneath for a monochromatic look or layer over a plaid shirt. 


Oversized pants

“While most people are more concerned about what they are wearing on top, we can't forget about our pants,” notes Padilla. Instead of squeezing into a tight pair of trousers or jeans, she suggests going with an oversized pant from Victoria Beckham or Celine. “They’re comfortable enough to sit in all day plus they look really cool,” she adds. 

Oversized pants

Second skins

If you’re not familiar with this type of clothing, it’s essentially items that hug the body in a flattering way and are made of fabrics that make you feel like you’re hardly wearing anything at all (in a good, comfortable way). Padilla is a big fan and predicts that they’ll become more popular in 2021. She also loves them for layering and lounging. 

Comfortable knit dresses

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