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2021 Clean Beauty Resolutions Based on Your Zodiac Sign

by Erin Celletti January 12, 2021

2021 Clean Beauty Resolutions Based on Your Zodiac Sign

If 2020 could be described in one word — well, it really can’t be. It’s been a year of challenges, heartache, stress, change, and space. We’ve had more time and space than ever to organize, plan, reflect, practice gratitude, and perhaps most of all, to figure out how we can all make 2021, and beyond, better and brighter. 

As we turn that reflection inward and examine how we can make positive, small changes within ourselves to forge a healthier and happier path, examining the beauty products and practices we use on a daily basis is an important first step.  

Unsure where to start? Why not turn to the stars. Here are your 2021 clean beauty resolutions based on your zodiac sign.

You’re a trailblazer. Bold and bright, taking on challenges as they come.  You don’t take on anything lightly, so you’re ready to make a big change right away. Though it may be challenging at first, it’s time for you to go fragrance free.  According to the  Environmental Protection Agency, this means opting for skincare, cosmetics and fragrances that “has also been verified to be free of chemicals that impart or mask a scent.” When shopping, be aware of the differences between fragrance free and unscented: “Fragrance-free means that fragrance materials or masking scents are not used in the product. Unscented generally means that the product may contain chemicals that neutralize or mask the odors of other ingredients.” 

Fragrance Free Beauty Products

You’re earthy, calm and connected to nature and all its living things, so making sure to utilize only cruelty-free products can be a cause that falls close to your heart. A cruelty-free label will tell you that no animal testing has been performed on a product or any ingredients it contains. Thankfully, more and more products are seeking this label, so switching to only cruelty-free products has become a cinch.

Cruelty Free Beauty Products

The hustle and bustle of the season may have you feeling stressed and worn out — as you’re the busy bee of the signs. But as the dust settles and we ring in a new year, the most challenging but rewarding resolution for you would be to learn moreSpend some time understanding and researching ingredients, and identify the top 3-5 ingredients that are off limits for you and your beliefs. It may be phthalates, sulfates, fragrances or parabens, but whichever you choose, commit to avoiding those and finding clean, healthier alternatives. 

Clean Beauty

You’re most known as the loyal water sign, being drawn to the magic and comfort of the sea. Emotional and deep, you’re ruled by the moon and have a penchant for all things lunar. As you plan to move ahead in 2021 with new routines, remain true to your water sign vibes and make a commitment to reducing plastic use in your beauty packaging. It’s a wonderful decision for both you and the environment. 

Plastic Free Beauty

You’re spicy and sweet, and everything in between, Leo. You’re also ruled by the sun, which makes protecting your skin from the sun’s harmful rays all the more important. Can clean beauty and skincare mix? Of course they can. By opting to use clean, mineral based sunscreens or moisturizers with SPF you can rest assured you’re making smart skin care decisions all around.

SPF Clean Beauty Products

Reliable, hardworking Virgo, you’re well aware you can be a bit stubborn sometimes, so making big changes in your beauty routine might not be the most comfortable change for you. But, it’s necessary. To ensure success, start small. Pick your most sought after skincare goal (like smoothing fine lines, hydration, or evening your skin tone) and commit to swapping your current product for a cleaner version. 

Clean Beauty Skincare

Libras tend to be shopaholics, so this is an exciting challenge for you to swap out some of your current products for cleaner versions. Just try to refrain from shopping ‘til you drop and fill up your cart too quickly, and make sure you take the time to find the right clean beauty products for your unique needs. Wherever possible, try samples and smaller sizes before committing to a new, full routine. Slow and steady wins the race!  

Mini Beauty Products

Beneath your tough exterior lies an intuitive, hardworking leader who needs to focus a bit more on rest, relaxation and wellness while you’re busy crushing everything else. Because you can often be tense or tightly wound, focus on exploring the world of clean essential oils. Swap out your traditional perfume for an essential oil that is both clean, chemical-free, and oh-so relaxing — like lavender!

Essential Oils

You tend to look on the bright side of things, and your cheery disposition always serves you well — though 2020 has certainly put it to the test! Many of us have neglected some of our beauty routines we once paid great attention to, like our nails. So why not make 2021 the year of weekly at-home (or professional, soon enough!) clean manicures? Opt for a  luxe, 10-free nail polish (free of parabens, formaldehyde, formaldehyde resin, camphor, toluene, xylene, ethyl tosylamide, dibutyl phthalate [DBP], tert-butyl hydroperoxide [TBHP] and animal derived ingredients) and you’ll ring in 2021 with the most gorgeous, healthy nails in town!


Emilie Heathe 10-Free Non-Toxic Nail Polish


Any goal you set, you achieve, Cap. You are the most ambitious, determined sign and success is your middle name. So you just might be ready to take on a clean beauty challenge that’s a bit more difficult than say, swapping out your moisturizer. It just might be time to switch to a natural, clean deodorant. There’s a bit of a transition period and you may need a little time for your underarms to adjust and detoxify, but in a few weeks time — you’ll be so glad you did! 

Aluminum-Free Deodorant

You’re smart, cool, collected and a bit eccentric. You also never miss a chance to speak your mind, and you tend to do all the talking in your relationships. This means it’s time to give your lips some much needed TLC, but in a clean way. Aside from lipstick, you may not have paid much attention to your lips before — but now’s the time! Commit to exfoliating  your lips and reveal healthy, smooth skin with an  exfoliating balm that will leave your lips hydrated, luscious and healthy. Make this part of your beauty routine, and your smile will never be more dazzling than in 2021. 

Emilie Heathe Lip R&R Exfoliating Lip Balm

Creative Pisces, your brightness shines even brighter this year  As we bring in the new year, resolve to carry your color-loving, dreamer nature into your beauty routine and try clean, bright nail polishes and lipsticks that will brighten your day (and year.) You’re also generous, so this year, challenge yourself toshare some clean-beauty knowledge with your family or friends — it may have a ripple effect of positive change!

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