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Creator Series: Introducing @RitualOfMe

by Malka Nebro January 12, 2021

Creator Series: Introducing @RitualOfMe

If beauty product shots ever deserved to be framed and hung, they would undoubtedly be shot by Shelby Rodriguez, the brains behind @ritualofme. Shelby is a Brooklyn-based beauty photographer who captures still lifes unlike anyone else we’ve seen. Her work evokes emotion, and often features thoughtful lighting, unexpected set props like glass prisms or the occasional bumblebee, and most notably, a tactile representation of beauty products.  Shelby describes her platform as “a visual exploration of cosmetics that captures how products look and most importantly, feel.”

Ritual Of Me Creative


It was only appropriate that we partner with Shelby for the next installment of our Creator Series. Shelby took our best selling shade, The Perfect Red, and found inspiration from it, showcasing her own vision of EMILIE HEATHE through her photography. What she came up with surely will not disappoint; her shots are about as raw as they get. Take a peek into her collection of images and a BTS into the artist’s life, and show her series some love over on Instagram.

Creator Series Q&A