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Balancing Libra Season With These Energizing Shades

by Malka Nebro October 05, 2020

Balancing Libra Season With These Energizing Shades

Fall is here, and it’s officially Libra season! A few facts about this sign: It is the seventh astrological sign in the zodiac, its element is air, and its symbol is the scale. This means Libras are constantly seeking balance and harmony. In other words, they are incredibly indecisive, so beware of your fellow Libras when choosing where to eat for dinner.

If you believe in astrology, then you might also believe that colors carry energy and affect our moods. Libras are historically drawn to purple, as it instills feelings of empowerment and stability. If you’re a Libra, we strongly suggest our deep purple Nail Artist shade called Big Night Out. This color’s name is totally fitting for the social butterfly. But even if you’re timid, we still recommend this color to bring out your inner extrovert.                   

Some other colors perfect for Libras are light pinks, creams, and even black. It is no surprise pink is on this list as it symbolizes love and romance. This is perfect for this sign because this constellation is ruled by Venus, AKA the planet of love.

Creams and nudes are ideal because they provide tranquility and ease. Our nude color called Just The Nip is our self proclaimed perfect nude. It’s universally flattering, and features an ultra-subtle iridescent blue pearl to illuminate and attract light.
If you’re a one who enjoys a classy and clean look, black is the way to go. This is a bold color that emphasises confidence. Our shade The Basic Bitch is not so basic after all, and it even has purple undertones. That’s a double Libra win. But don’t wear more than two daring colors at a time, or your balance may be disturbed.  

To embrace this season, try our shades and get in touch with your zodiac sign.