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Honey, I Shrunk The Painting! Keith Haring Inspired Nail Art

by Malka Nebro September 24, 2020

Honey, I Shrunk The Painting! Keith Haring Inspired Nail Art

Our MO is to inspire creatives through clean beauty, vibrant colors, and artistry. Queenie Nguyen noticed her passion for art in her teen years, and started honing her craft with acrylic paints. With her interest growing from studying the surrealism movement, contemporary and pop art were her next go-to’s. 


For this look, we love how well Queenie has captured such vast detail on such a small surface. This look goes way beyond nail art-- this is fine art. Here, Queenie was inspired by Keith Haring’s dynamic lines and bold figures.

“I am a huge fan of pop art and Keith Haring specifically. I relate to the artist because I too love the boldness of self expression through art forms. With what’s happening in the world right now, I wanted to recreate his famous ‘dancing heart’ art in which he portrayed his belief in humanity and the power of love. The lines represent energy and movement. In times like this, it is important to spread love and positivity.” -@nailartbyqueenie

Queenie featured our shades The Perfect Red and Half & Halffor the majority of the design. Then, she defined lines and added subtle contrast with shades The Basic Bitch and Just The Nip.