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Beauty Secrets from the EH Team's Mothers & Grandmothers

by Zarah Harris April 28, 2022

Beauty Secrets from the EH Team's Mothers & Grandmothers

Some of the greatest teachers in life are maternal figures. They love unconditionally, provide guidance, and embody incredible strength. Emilie Heathe team members turned to the mothers in their life to share their wisdom on beauty and motherhood. 

Freelance Designer, Alexandra Gilbert’s Mother

For Alexandra’s mom becoming a parent has changed her world in many ways.  “Becoming a mother has made me less selfish, changed my body, made me more conscious and careful with my health and my money. It made me work harder on my marriage and set a good example because relationships are so important in a child’s life.” she explained. Being a good role model for her children and making sure they know she’s there if they ever need anything has been a huge priority for her. The mom of 25 years shared that watching her children thrive as adults brings her the utmost joy. “It gives me great pleasure seeing them succeed and experience new things in life. I hope I have paved the way for things to be a little simpler for them.” She also let us in on her secret for glowing skin. “Using vitamin C on my skin everyday is a game changer and I encourage my children to use this in their skin care regimen (too).”

Photo of Freelance Designer, Alexandra Gilbert with her mother.

Brand Manager, Malka Nebro’s Grandmother

Malka’s grandmother has been a mom for 62 years and a grandmother for 29 years. Being a parent and a grandparent has helped her realize “that beauty resides in the soul, personality and in relationships to others even more than the exterior.” Malka’s grandmother found that “the hard work and then the reward of helping little unformed people develop and fulfill their potential” to be the most beautiful part of motherhood. Some of her favorite products include daily moisturizers from Clinique and Nivea, lipstick (worn every day even with a mask), nail polish, flat-iron straightening mist, and always a pair of earrings! Her biggest beauty secret that she’s shared with her family is regularly applying moisturizer and sunscreen. 

Brand Manager, Malka Nebro painting her grandmother's nails.

Brand Development, Natasha Schmidt’s Mother

Natasha’s mom recounts her earliest memory of beauty with fairy tales and Disney princess movies. “I wanted to be just like them.”  she shared. Today she channels royal beauty with a product she can’t live without, lip gloss! Her favorite is the Dior Addict Lip Glow. Being a mom for 29 years has been the best thing that’s ever happened to her. For Natasha’s mom the most beautiful part about motherhood is “loving your kids unconditionally! There's no love like that.” Natasha’s mom has 3 beauty secrets to live by and they are: botox, sunscreen and a good dermatologist! 

Brand Development, Natasha Schmidt and her mother.

Social Media Intern, Zarah Harris’s Mother

Becoming a parent has been an indescribable experience for Zarah’s mom. “It made me more humble and it inspires me to be the best version of myself as my children depend on me.” In her 33 years of being a mom she found the miracle of giving birth to be a precious part of motherhood. Each time she got to hold her newborn for the first time in her arms she recalled experiencing an overwhelming joy. The best beauty secret she’s learned and passed on to her own kids is embracing your natural beauty. “I’ve always taught my children to love themselves first and foremost. Don’t use products to make yourself beautiful, instead use it to enhance your beauty.” 

Social Media Intern, Zarah Harris and her mother.