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10 Habits for Maintaining a Mellow Mindset this Taurus season

by Zarah Harris May 05, 2022

10 Habits for Maintaining a Mellow Mindset this Taurus season

Now that another fiery Aries season has come and gone, Taurus brings us a more relaxed energy. Taurus is strongly influenced by its ruling planet, Venus (the planet of love), which means this Earth sign takes delight in pleasure and indulgence. Represented by the Bull, Taurus is all about staying grounded and enjoying the little luxuries in life. Channel Taurus’s calm spirit with these simple habits. 

1. Find your rhythm

Taurus, Leo, Scorpio and Aquarius are all fixed signs. This means they enjoy everything in life a certain way and are usually resistant to change. It’s no surprise that Taurus loves structure in life, since they’re creatures of habit. Having a solid routine is a great way to maintain stability– section out separate time for yourself, your family, and your friends. Building a routine tailored to your needs and desires will help you manage your time and be more productive in the long term. 

2. Stay Organized

Keep your dwelling in tip top shape, because a clear space creates a clean mind. According to the Journal of Environmental Psychology, cluttered spaces tend to induce stress. Keep yourself organized by purging items you no longer need (remember when Marie Kondo was trending back in 2019?), and neatly store your belongings in designated areas in your home. If you don’t know where to start, companies like Neat Method provide professional home organizing services. 

3. Be Present

It’s easy to miss out on things when you’re not being present. Living in the moment can create a positive perspective. It can be as simple as taking in your current surroundings by noticing what you see, feel, hear and smell. When we are fully present, we engage in mindfulness, which allows us to explore our thoughts and feelings without judgment. Being present can create a sense of self-awareness and lead to living a more mindful life.

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4. Limit your screen time

Excessive use of technology can lead to issues with sleep and mental wellness. According to the National Heart, Lung and Blood Institute, adults should only spend two hours or less on their devices outside of work. Limit your screen time by setting limits for apps in your phone’s settings. Use your newfound spare time to engage in mood boosting activities like exercise or a hobby that brings you joy.

5. Set boundaries

Establishing boundaries can help you maintain balance and peace of mind. Boundaries can exist in different areas. Whether emotional, physical, or in the workplace, these restrictions can help you communicate expectations with those around you. 

6. Slow it down

When life gets busy, pump the breaks and slow things down. Whether your work/ life balance is off kilter, or your social plans are becoming overwhelming, take a step back and make time for yourself in order to recharge. The last thing you want to experience is burnout, that feeling of extreme exhaustion when you’re constantly overloaded. If you find yourself feeling this way, remember it’s okay to take a break. 

7. Stay Well Rested

Consistently getting a good night’s rest can improve your quality of life, since sleep actually helps to restore your mind and body. When you sleep, biological processes that re-energize cells and remove “clutter”  from the brain take place. According to Hopkins Medicine, experts recommend an average of 7-9 hours of sleep for adults. 

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8. Prioritize

Keep your priorities straight and work towards the life you wish to lead. Figuring out what is most important to you can help you stay on the right path towards achieving your goals. You can prioritize your life by remembering your values, managing commitments and staying consistent with your routine.

9. Indulge in self care

Practicing self care can bring satisfaction and joy into your everyday life. Taurus is known for self love and lavish taste. Experience the luxurious texture and beauty benefiting ingredients in Lip R&R Exfoliating Lip BalmAt Emilie Heathe, we keep ingredients top of mind with every product we create, and our Lip R&R is certainly no  exception (after all, R&R is all about healing and care). It’s chock full of powerful antioxidant and hydrating additives like shea butter, coffee, and jojoba extracts to ensure an incredible experience from the first application to the last.

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10. Smile more

Flashing those pearly whites is proven to help boost your mood. According to Intermountain Healthcare, smiling releases neuropeptides that help fight off stress. It also signals neurotransmitters like dopamine, serotonin and endorphins. Smiling can elevate your mood and relax your body. Plus, smiling is contagious, so spread positivity every chance you get!