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Creator Series: Introducing @FIGTNY

by Emily Rudman November 16, 2020

Creator Series: Introducing @FIGTNY

Like many others, Emilie Heathe needed to make several quick pivots to stay afloat in 2020. After realizing a creative campaign we had been working on for over a year would be impossible to safely execute, we decided to take it in a different direction, and from that came something even more special. 

Today, we kick off our CREATOR SERIES: an ongoing series to feature and highlight different creators we have worked with or have admired from afar for a long time. They have each created their vision of the EMILIE HEATHE brand through their creative eyes. This is theirs, and theirs alone. 

We believe that anyone can be creative; thus all of us are creators and artists in our own right. Whether it be illustration or photography, music or dance, even the way you format a spreadsheet makes you a creator in our eyes. To us, what defines a “creative” is someone who is actively seeking new and exciting ways to tell their story and does so not only with authenticity, but with integrity. These are core values of our brand; ones we share with our team and by extension, everyone we work with. 

To kick off the series, we’re launching with @Figtny.


When I first approached @Figtny, I was fairly nervous. She has an enormous following and an aesthetic I had become obsessed with. She made me want to get everything she put on. And she did it in a beautiful, classy, minimal way. And yet, behind that minimalism was not something cold, but something soft and sensual with a pronounced, restrained emotion and movement that I couldn’t get enough of. I also love that she rarely shows her face, because you could tell immediately there was a real person behind all this who wanted to still hold on to a bit of anonymity and personal space. I so appreciate that as a founder who is constantly being told to put myself “out there”. 

To my surprise, she responded quickly, complimenting the brand and excited to chat about further collaboration. We talked for almost two hours that first time about being founders and how challenging social media can be, and what we like and don’t like about it being part of our job descriptions. The conversation made me feel like we could be friends off the bat. She has been mostly a silent partner and creator for the brand for the past few years and I could not be more thrilled, honored and humbled to have her kick off our CREATOR SERIES. If you don’t know who she is yet, you should. 

Introducing, @Figtny or better known as F*ck It, Going To New York.

- Emily, founder of Emilie Heathe

“I made the life changing decision of creating F*** it, going to New York as a hobby project, the acronym of which became the name of my creative project, without realizing what was ahead. I stumbled into blogging, and didn’t even know what it meant. I didn’t have an Instagram account and didn’t even follow any blogs at the time. FIGTNY is now a digital platform where followers can find inspiration in luxury, home, fashion, beauty & my everyday. To this day, I don’t have my name anywhere on my site or Instagram…I never knew anyone besides friends or family would see it!” - @Figtny.
 Creator Series Q&A
For more on @Figtny and a view behind her lens, follow along through Instagram.