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DIY Halloween Nail Decals

by Malka Nebro October 30, 2020

DIY Halloween Nail Decals

We know Halloween is a little different in the year 2020. We can’t trick or treat, we can’t attend costume parties, but we can always have fun. Just follow the simple steps below for an impressive themed mani with custom nail decals! This is the best Halloween DIY since carved pumpkins.


Step 1: Print out our nail decal and coloring page here.

Step 2: Lay a plastic snack bag flat on top of your favorite design. Tip: wash out your plastic bags for reuse! 

Step 3: Fill in the design on the plastic bag with clear nail polish. Paint outside the lines to make it easier to peel off the decal later. Let dry completely. 
Step 4: Fill in the design on the plastic with your favorite nail polish colors. We recommend our most festive and spooky Nail Artist shades called Big Night Out, Public, and The Basic BLet dry completely.
Step 5: Apply a thin base coat of polish to your nails. Carefully peel the design off, and gently place on your nail. Make sure the polish is not still sticky before peeling. 
Step 6: Press down the edges to seal. Follow up with our On The Top Glossy Top Coat, and BOO, there you have it: the perfect themed manicure! 
We also created some more advanced nail designs inspired by our coloring pages.  Even with no place to go this year we are all deserving of a good manicure! Which spooky nail art creation will you try?
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