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Your Color Guide To Scorpio Season

by Malka Nebro November 05, 2020

Your Color Guide To Scorpio Season

Welcome to the moodiest, broodiest, and spookiest zodiac season of all. The sun is in Scorpio; Mars and Pluto are now in rule. Here is all you need to know to balance your energy during the darkest season of the year.


Scorpio rules the sun from October 22nd to November 21st. This time of year is not just eerie because of Halloween and Election Day creeping within these dates. This year, Scorpio began with Mercury in retrograde too; now, that’s a bad omen. As spooky as this all may be, this sign encompasses some other seriously dark traits too. You might have heard of Scorpios being jealous, secretive, or even controlling. But they’re also loyal, brave, strong-willed, and notoriously sensual. 

For a Scorpio mood board, think of Stevie Nicks on the cover of Rumors, or American Horror Story: Coven. These vibes are exactly why Scorpio’s optimal color palette features deep red shades, rich burnt oranges, and fierce blacks. Now, let’s break down these colors to get ourselves balanced and grounded for the season.

Red is one of the many warm colors found on Mars’ landscape. It’s often associated with passion and lust, and it also relates to fire. You may be thinking, “Isn’t Scorpio a water sign?” Well, yes. However, water and fire together create steam, which is exactly what Scorpios are known for. Water is the element that controls emotions, and boy do Scorpios have a lot of those. This sign carries an abundance of energy, but where you channel that energy is up to you.

Orange has ties to both Mars and Pluto, and it is present in both of their landscapes. This color provides a dose of brightness and balance. Historically symbolizing happiness, orange acts as a contrast to Scorpio's natural dark side.

Black is the color primarily associated with Pluto. It plays to the sign's broodier side, but it doesn’t necessarily symbolize negativity. Black is neutral, but its darkness overshadows the colors around it. Black symbolizes the strength, resilience, and the will that lies within the Scorpio.

We’re not just talking about planets and colors for no reason. Have you ever coordinated your outfit to match your mood, or worn certain colors to make you feel happy? That is what this is all about; wearing reds, oranges, and blacks really can connect you to Scorpio’s energy. 

Check back every month to read more advice on how to balance every Zodiac season.