by Emily Rudman December 05, 2020

When I first discovered Jessica on Instagram, I was entranced by her style and aesthetic. She has a beautiful minimalist touch that is elegant, romantic, feminine and wildly creative, all at the same time. I also loved that she shared so much of her own personal journey and growth leading her to where she is today, and appreciate her always looking for new ways to mentor and support causes close to her heart. 

Once we connected directly for the first time, I knew she was a truly genuine and generous person. She has gone above and beyond to support Emilie Heathe, even donating a percentage of her sales to support GLAM4GOOD. When she submitted her first works for her Creator Series, I was blown away. (So much so, in fact, I felt inspired to create an Artist In Residence product with her. Stay tuned!)

From Jessica herself: “I'm a fashion & beauty illustrator. I love to play, experiment and help empower others to be more creative on my channel. I use mainly watercolor, gouache and acrylics on paper or canvas. I have my dream job and love to uplift others to believe more in themselves, so my Instagram is a mix of art and positivity. I would describe myself as if Bob Ross & Brene Brown had a daughter and my Aunt as Anna Wintour.”

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