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Introducing: Laura Dunkelmann & Fellow German Artists

by Malka Nebro May 12, 2021

Introducing: Laura Dunkelmann & Fellow German Artists

As a leading figure at the cult-followed TUSH Magazine, there’s no doubt that Laura Dunkelmann, Editorial Director, has quite the diverse network of artistic contemporaries. 

We’ve worked with Laura on photoshoots and IGTV Live events, and we’ve made sure to keep our partnership close. Her creative vision goes way beyond the work she does at the magazine, which is exactly why we invited her to have her own Creator Series. 

Laura’s series is a little different than others we’ve had in the past. Instead of simply creating a scope of artworks or photographs inspired by our brand, she looked to fellow German artists for inspiration. For her series, Laura tells an Emilie Heathe color story, inspired by our shades, but through the creative lens of a network of artists and friends. 

Introducing Laura and her contemporaries, Gifty, Anna, Olaf, Hedi, and Erika:


I am a storyteller, through words and visuals. Sometimes my stories are fantasy or reality, or sometimes they’re a strange combination of the two. As the Editorial Director for TUSH Magazine, I write stories for international publications, work on artistic direction, and consult for various brands. 

I want to inspire and beautify by highlighting the extraordinary and making it accessible to everyone. To me, beauty is art, and art is beauty.

Inspired by Emily Heathe’s shade palette, I am here to tell stories of inspiring people and highlight the colors they connect to in their work -- each one matching an Emilie Heathe nail polish. 

Inspired by Big Night Out

To me, purple feels like dancing barefoot on velvet. I choose this color in my art and wardrobe when I wake up with its name on my lips. When I see purple I feel like a blooming orchid.


The Hamburg-based voguing and hip hop dancer is an LGBTQ activist and icon of the German ballroom scene.

Inspired by The Perfect Red

To me, red feels powerful & forceful. I choose it when I want to feel strong, sexy, and sensual. The role of all colors in my art Is extremely important, as it  helps me express every emotion.


Her nail art is one of a kind: creative, detailed and modern. In her one-woman studio in Berlin, this artist creates masterpieces on nails.

Inspired by Goddess

To me, green feels mystical and provoking. I choose it when I want to make a statement. In my art, colors are my words, and green says “intriguing”.


This Hamburg-based illustrator captures the delicate details of fashion in his brush strokes, while creating character within simplicity.

Inspired by The Basic Bitch

All my artwork starts with a black line. To me, it feels safe, and it’s the foundation of my work. It makes me feel calm as I wait for a big splash of color. I reach for blacks when I want to reduce an illustration to design form and figure. 


Visual  artist and sculptor Hedi Xandt uses traditional and digital techniques to evolve classical subjects into monumental, touching art. 

Inspired by Billions

To me, gold feels juxtaposed between its cold touch and its warm sheen. I choose this color because it is a brilliant material that doesn’t tarnish or fade, not even after millennia. It’s a divine element and I treat it as such in my work. ​I don’t use much color in my artwork, but the ones I do use are picked very carefully. Even black has more shades than one would imagine.

​Not all gold gives me sensations, but if it’s the real deal and used properly, it instills what religious scholars call “mysterium tremendum et fascinosum“. It leaves me speechless.


Erika is a photographer, vintage store owner, online magazine publisher, and painter. Creativity knows no bounds for the German-born entrepreneur woman who now calls L.A. her home.

Inspired by Just The Nip

To me, beige and nudes feel grounding. I choose these colors whenever I don’t choose black (which is quite often). This range of shades are some of my go-tos, and when I wear them, I feel serene.