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Lip R&R: A Consumer Perception Survey

by Malka Nebro June 09, 2021

Lip R&R: A Consumer Perception Survey

We can’t deny that we all love pretty beauty products, but at Emilie Heathe, we care that they perform well too. That’s why we ensure every product we create is chock full of antioxidants and other benefitting ingredients, and lip R&R is no exception. Its gentle scrub-to-balm formula exfoliates and revives your lips using shea butter, squalane, coffee, jojoba, blueberry and white tea, providing moisture and a dose of antioxidants.

While we know what we think about our own products, we also take customer satisfaction very seriously. So, we conducted a study* with real Lip R&R users to see what they were thinking. Here’s what we found out...

Lip R&R Infographic

Additionally, 95% of respondents said they would recommend Lip R&R to friends & family. Not so bad, right? They said a few other sweet things too... 

“This is one of the best lip treatments I have ever tried. It checks all of the boxes for someone who wants a lip balm that provides serious hydration, feels insanely amazing, and also just looks great.” - Josie

“I love Lip R&R! I have really chapped lips and it has been the only thing to help hydrate and smooth them out.” - Zahid

“The texture, technology and packaging of this product far surpass any exfoliating lip balm I've ever tried.” -Dianne

Get in on the benefits and treat your lips right. Then, tell us how you feel about your Lip R&R over on Instagram

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*This study was conducted with 19 real Lip R&R users.