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17 Relatable Songs to Listen to for Cancer Season

by Zarah Harris July 11, 2023

17 Relatable Songs to Listen to for Cancer Season

From June 21st to July 22nd, Cancer season dares us all to take a moment to sit with our feelings. As the first water sign of the astrological year, Cancer season urges us to dive head first into some inner reflection. Water signs are typically known for being sensitive, highly intuitive and sentimental. Cancer’s ruling planet, the moon, governs emotions and domesticity. Under this influence, we may find ourselves seeking out security and a sense of belonging. We will be challenged to balance the delicate dichotomy of vulnerability and strength.

As we navigate the vast ocean of our emotions throughout this zodiac season, turn to music for comfort on this introspective voyage. We’ve curated a playlist with different genres including pop, R&B, and alternative/indie to capture the kaleidoscope of feelings Cancer season brings. Take a listen to a few of these songs that might just represent the diverse range of feelings you’re experiencing.