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5 Unique Fragrances for Leo Season

by Zarah Harris July 21, 2023

5 Unique Fragrances for Leo Season

Get ready to embrace the fiery and ferocious spirit of Leo! This fixed fire sign is ruled by the sun and is going to give all of us, regardless of sign, a boost of energy, creativity, and self-expression. Leos are ambitious, charismatic, and have a warm-hearted nature that coincides with summer weather. We’ve curated a list of fragrances that will help you embody Leo’s magnetic personality and build your fragrance wardrobe.

TOM FORD Fucking Fabulous Eau de Parfum

Leos are known to be confident and unapologetically themselves, F****ing Fabolous is an eau de parfum that has key notes of leather, tonka bean, and sage — a perfect scent to give you that extra boost of confidence before you leave the house.

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MAISON MARGIELA Coffee Break Eau de Toilette

Being around a Leo is just like a coffee break, they brighten up and energize every moment. Maison Margiela’s ‘Coffee Break’ is an eau de toilette that consists of notes of milk mousse, lavender, and coffee making it perfect for caffeine addicts or anyone who loves warm and sweet scents. With this being your season, a scent that’ll energize you like your morning coffee is a great addition to a Leo’s collection.

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ELOREA Water Eau de Parfum

Described as an “instant mood booster,” this citrus-floral eau de parfum from ELOREA  is refreshing and energizing just like your favorite Leo. This mixture of citrus and white florals with a base of pyeonbaek and white musk perfectly blends into a soft and light unisex scent. This perfume feels like a day at the beach with the wind in your hair, making this a great fresh scent for any Leo this summer.

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BYREDO Vanille Antique Extrait de Parfum

A fragrance designed to match nighttime rituals, Vanille Antique Extrait is a scent that is distilled into a pure essence that lasts hours on the skin. This scent is a spicy sweet floral with notes of freesia, amber, and Madagascar vanilla that is very strong and present just like a Leo. A night fragrance for your night owl tendencies, this Byredo scent is the perfect match for you.

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JO MALONE Velvet Rose & Oud Cologne Intense

A full bodied floral that's sweet yet strong and rich just like a Leo. With notes of oud, damask rose, and clove this dynamic cologne is a unique floral blend that’ll leave a lasting impression wherever you go. This is a scent that is opaque, dark, and a bit gothic perfect for one of the main night owls of the zodiac.

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