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5 Beauty and Wellness Podcasts to Listen To

by Zarah Harris August 22, 2022

5 Beauty and Wellness Podcasts to Listen To

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Podcasts are a great way to discover new topics, explore your interests, and come across different perspectives. To conclude our week of self care, we’ve recommended 5 beauty and wellness centered podcasts that foster thoughtful conversations and informative discussion. 

1. Hurdle 

Hurdle is a podcast hosted by wellness coach and journalist, Emily Abbate. New episodes air every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. This podcast tackles subjects such as motivation, vulnerability, and intentionality. Most episodes of Hurdle feature inspiring guests like Allyson Felix, Ally Love and Tayshia Adams to discuss the ups and downs of their journeys. For people who prefer podcasts on the shorter side, tune into the 5-Minute Friday series for a miniature session of reflective conversation.

Check out the “5-Minute Friday: The Power of Progress and Patience” episode where Emily Abbate shares a mindset approach she takes when going after a specific goal.

Hurdle Podcast

2. Naked Beauty

Naked Beauty is a podcast centered around candid conversations on beauty trends, self care journeys, skincare and wellness tips. Hosted by Brooke DeVard Ozaydinli, Naked Beauty got its start from her fascination with beauty as a tool of self expression. The podcast has featured guests like Gabrielle Union and Hannah Bronfman. This podcast offers an unique introspective on the subject of beauty. 

Check out the “Self-care in Dark Times” episode where Brooke DeVard Ozaydinli shares alternative ways to practice self care and how to work through negative experiences.

Naked Beauty Podcast

3. The Wellness Cafe 

The Wellness Cafe as described by its host, Trinity Tondeleir, is “your go-to hot girl walk podcast”. This podcast discusses all things wellness and lifestyle from a Gen Z angle. Trinity Tondeleir shares very honest yet relatable stories about growth and self improvement. New episodes are released every Wednesday. 

Check out the “Little Miss Making It Happen, a Guide to Creating Your Dream Life” episode for motivating advice about how to chase your dreams. 

The Wellness Cafe Podcast

4. Let it Out

Let It Out is a cathartic podcast that shares deep conversations between the guests and host, Katie Dalebout. With a diverse range of guests, Let It Out has featured writers, parents, musicians, chefs, and more where they candidly share intimate details about their lives and their unique experiences. Each episode offers valuable takeaways that can be applied to our own lives. 

Check out the “Slow Like Snails: Virgie Tovar Returns (Part 1) on Normative Timelines, Letting Go of Control and Happiness Research” episode where author and activist Virgie Tovar joins Katie Daleabout for a discussion about letting go of certain expectations. 

Let It Out Podcast

5. The Doctor’s Kitchen

The Doctor’s Kitchen is a podcast that guides listeners to eating for a happier and healthier life. The host, Dr. Rupy Aujla is joined by other health experts to share different ways to improve your livelihood through diet and lifestyle. This podcast covers a range of topics including nutritional medicine, mental wellbeing and mindset. 

Check out the “Re-Release: Eating for Mental Health with Professor Felice Jacka” to learn how food can affect your mood and mental welfare. 

The Doctor's Kitchen Podcast