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Nail Art with Queenie

by emilieheathe Admin June 27, 2020

Nail Art with Queenie

“This look has everything that I love:  matte finish, geometric lines, & color blocking.”

Inspiration is found in all corners of the earth. Whether it be from art, architecture, nature, or otherwise, inspiration fuels creativity and happiness. We’ve worked with Queenie Nguyen on fun projects in the past, as she’s able to create stunning artwork from just a spark of inspiration. For the look above, Queenie seamlessly married aspects of Ancient Roman architecture with a streamlined modern design for this exciting and wearable art. 

We asked her a few questions about her sources of inspiration, and what creativity means to her right now in these uncertain times. Here’s what she said:

I’ve always loved to paint ever since I was in high school. I loved painting with acrylic and oil paints, and my favorite type of art back then was Surrealism. There’s something so mysterious about Surrealism that kept my curiosity going. As the year goes by, I’m growing more interested in contemporary art. I find a lot of my inspirations on creative platforms like Pinterest, Instagram, online magazines and editorial publications. I’m usually drawn to unique patterns, color palettes, classic + modern fashion trends, as well as architectural designs. 

Painting is very relaxing to me. It takes my mind off some heavier thoughts and lets me wander off into the world of colors and imaginations. It’s really important for me to stay positive and creative during uncertain times so that I can spread that energy to my family and friends.”

Palazzo della Civiltà Italiana, Rome – Architecture Revived

Colosseum, Rome during day photo – Free Black-and-white Image on ...

If you also find creativity to be centering in times like this, and if you’re looking for a spark of inspo right now, keep reading to see details on how Queenie achieved this look at home. Give it a try yourself!

Tools needed: 1 extra thin striping brush

       1 slightly fuller striping brush

       1 detail brush

 Step 1:Apply a thin base coat, then paint two thin coats of a nude polish. Wait for the base color to be dry before the next step. 

Step 2:Map out the art each nail. Keep your inspo photo nearby for easy referencing. 

Step 3:With another color, use the extra thin striping brush to carefully create the outline of the patterns on your nails.

Step 4:Used the fuller striping brush to fill in the mapped-out pattern. If necessary, go back in with a second coat. 

Step 5:Once done with the art, use the detail brush to clean up uneven lines. 

Step 6:Wait 15 minutes before applying a top coat. For a shiny finish, we recommend our On The Top Glossy Top Coat. For a matte finish, first apply a glossy top coat, then apply a matte top coat after the first layer has dried completely.

Pro Tip:This ensures the longevity of the manicure.