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Day To Night Makeup Tips for Gemini Season

by Zarah Harris June 02, 2023

Day To Night Makeup Tips for Gemini Season

Gemini season brings forth good times from May 21st to June 20th and over these next few weeks you’ll find yourself out and about more often than not. Gemini has an extremely social personality that comes from its ruling planet, Mercury, the planet of communication. Mercury’s influence over Gemini explains why they live for intimate discussions, have various passions, and always follow their urge to explore their deepest curiosities. Gemini is also infamously known for being two-faced. However, this only a common misconception. Gemini is represented by the celestial twins which symbolizes Gemini's intrinsic dual personality.   

Astrology experts are saying now’s the time to embrace being a social butterfly so as you run from one event to the next, channel the two sides of Gemini with these day to night makeup techniques. 

For The Day

Prep with a primer

Use a quality primer before applying makeup to ensure your makeup will stay in place as much as possible. Primer helps to smooth the skin so that the makeup has a solid base to adhere to .

Set the brows

Fill in your brows with Full Up Brow Powder for natural, defined brows. Full Up Brow Powder clings to the brow hairs and skin for a long lasting finish. 

Emilie Heathe Full Up Brow Powder


Start simple

Daytime makeup doesn’t need to be overly complicated. Start with a few basic essentials like a neutral eyeshadow and some mascara on the lashes. 

For The Night

Refresh your face

Use a mist to give your skin a boost. We highly recommend BYROE New York's Hisbiscus Tea Glow Mist to replenish your skin for a luminous glow.

BYROE New York's Hibiscus Tea Glow Mist


Make some touch-ups with concealer and or foundation to the areas where your makeup may be fading. 

Go Bold 

Add a warm or cool eyeshadow to bring out the eyes. For a sultry look, try doing smoky eyeliner. You can achieve this with our multi-functional Full Up Brow Powder.

That's it! Check out our youtube channel and watch our Day to Night Makeup Tutorial where we usedFull Up Brow Powder, Lip R&R, and Public Lip Atelier Lip Colour to transform a warm and vibrant day look into a cool and smoky nighttime look.