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Meet Armiel Chandler, Content Creator and Filmmaker

by Zarah Harris August 18, 2022

Meet Armiel Chandler, Content Creator and Filmmaker

Armiel Chandler is an award-winning filmmaker, director, writer, and content creator with a vision for a brighter future. Since the age of 17, his goal has been to create content that diversifies the entertainment industry and inspires the youth. As a creative, he aims to create a safe space for people to live their truth authentically with personality-driven content. Armiel puts creating opportunities and amplifying voices of color at the core of his work. He has been featured in Instagram, Ulta Beauty, Essence,  NBC, Tribeca Film Festival, SiriusXM Radio, and more. Currently, he is a full-time content creator and has partnered with Facebook and Meta on their We The Culture Program. 

Since his childhood, Armiel has always had an interest in the arts. “Ever since the age of 5, I knew I wanted to do something creative. I was drawn to all forms of the arts because each outlet allows me to express myself in a different way. Filmmaking allows me to tell a story, fashion allows me to express myself and music allows me to create my own world,” he shared.

Last month, Armiel achieved a major accomplishment when he was featured in the Savage X Fenty’s Pride Campaign. “It was a proud moment for me because to be discovered through social media and [to] be handpicked amongst seven other people was confirmation to keep going,'' he says. “Being someone who just wanted to create and inspire, but to be discovered by brands helped me understand that my content and story is needed.”

For Armiel, fashion is a creative form of self-expression. “Whenever I’m getting dressed, I always think about the people who came before me, who I’m inspired by and how I can incorporate that inspiration into my look. As a plus-size guy, I feel like when I get dressed I have a bigger task than just throwing on clothes. I’m representing a group of people who barely get noticed, so my spotlight is there to build a foundation for people who look like me and create a new table.”Some of Armiel’s favorite LGBTQIA+ brands include Telfar, Brandon Blackwood, Murwayand OtherWild

When asked about role models from the LGBTQIA+ community Armiel listed three notable figures: Andre Leon Talley, Jeremy Scott, and Andy Warhol. Armiel learned to step outside his comfort zone from risk taker, Andre Leon Talley, who wore lots of colors and patterns. Jeremy Scott and Andy Warhol influenced Armiel’s pop art aesthetic in terms of style and adapting to different bold prints. “All of these people inspire me when it comes to my style but also allow me to live comfortably as myself and freely when it comes to my confidence,” he shared. 

After observing Pride month in June, we asked Armiel to reflect and share on what pride means to him. “Pride means owning who you are and being unapologetically you. I celebrate pride by walking in my truth and existing so other people can have representation and look up to someone who looks like them,” he said.

We also accompanied Armiel to attend Nate’s True Colors Campaign Event. For Pride Month, Armiel was selected as one of the 6 LGBTQIA+ creators Nate partnered with to raise funds for LGBTQIA+ focused organizations. As captain of Team Blue, Armiel chose to support the NYC Anti Violence Project. The NYC Anti Violence Project is an organization that is committed to supporting the LGBTQIA+ community, HIV-affected communities, and allies. Our MUA and Content Creator, Dime, did Armiel’s glam for the big event. Armiel’s look consisted of a natural base, defined brows using our Full Up Brow Powder and a bright blue bejeweled lid. It was an honor to support Team Blue and help raise funds for such an important cause. 

At this point in Armiel’s career, his focus is aligned withcreating a new wave and standard for plus-size people in the fashion space. “I want to inspire people that look like me to live their truth. I always say ‘You matter, you are important, and don’t ever let nobody steal your joy’  because the world is your oyster. Be whoever you want. I want people to live for themselves and live proudly.”