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Meet Takunya Studio, A NYC Based Non-Toxic Nail Salon

by Zarah Harris September 30, 2022

Meet Takunya Studio, A NYC Based Non-Toxic Nail Salon


Takunya Nail Studio is not your average Upper East Side nail salon. With its “Color with a conscience” mindset, Takunya Nail Studio stands out as a plant-based, non-toxic, vegan nail salon. In addition to providing manicure and pedicure services, they sell nail care products too. We spoke with the owner, Elif Beich, to learn more about herself and Takunya Nail Studio. 

Elif Beich is a born and raised Turkey native. After moving to the United States in her early 20s, she started working in New York City’s service industry where she spent 12 years in the restaurant business. It was during her pregnancy that she made the decision to adopt a clean lifestyle. Elif became more mindful about the chemicals that are found in everyday items such as food, household cleaning products and personal care goods. This discovery heavily influenced her decision to switch to using products that were better for her health and the environment. 

“It was after my pregnancy that I noticed that there was a lack of non-toxic salons on the Upper East Side,” she shared. This inspired Elif to open her business where she could fill that gap she discovered in the beauty service sector. The salon was created to establish a space for people searching for more natural options and less chemicals. 

When asked about the meaning behind the name Takunya Nail Studio, Elif explained that the name Takunya comes from Turkish Bath also known as Hammam. It refers to the traditional clogs that are worn in spas.

There are long term benefits when using non-toxic nail polishes. Unlike gel or acrylic polish, non-toxic nail polish doesn’t damage or weaken the nails. “You have healthier nail growth because you don’t cover the nail beds with chemicals for a lengthy period of time, so the nails get to breathe,” Elif explained. 

In her personal experience, Elif noticed a few common reasons why more people are starting to gravitate towards non-toxic nail polishes. “I think people are becoming a lot more aware after the pandemic. They’re looking at what they've been using or eating — It’s been a transformation for a lot of people,” she said. Elif sees it as a movement happening within the beauty space. As people become more conscientious about subjects like climate change and animal cruelty, more and more people have started to invest in vegan and cruelty free options. 

The salon first opened in June of 2018 with the same team of nail technicians who are still there today. Customers enjoy going to Takunya Nail Studio to relax and indulge in quality service from skilled nail technicians using luxurious natural products.

Photos of hands getting a manicure at Takunya Nail Studio

Takunya Studio offers several manicure and pedicure services from express manicures to rejuvenating nail treatments. They also offer a special service for expecting mothers called Artemis which is a natural, pregnancy safe treatment that follows ancient Mediterranean tradition. Their nail care line features glass files, a plant-based nail polish remover and flip flops. Our very own Nail Artist Polishes are also part of the Takunya Nail Studio’s careful selection of clean nail polish. We highly recommend that you check out this salon soon!