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Meet Felice Langkamp, Founder of MYCASHMERE

by Zarah Harris April 24, 2023

Meet Felice Langkamp, Founder of MYCASHMERE

(Source: Luméra Magazine. Check out the Luméra interview here.)

"Comfortable and effortlessly elegant." That's one way to describe the sustainable luxury fashion brand, MYCASHMERE. This brand has a mission to create high quality, everyday cashmere garments that are truly feel-good pieces. For Earth Month, we connected with the founder, Felice Langkamp, to learn more about her and the eco-chic cashmere brand. 

Before MYCASHMERE, Felice spent a lot of time in the world of luxury. With a background in business management she worked at a prestigious jewelry brand for five years where she cultivated an appreciation and love for craftsmanship, artisanal work, and the story behind a piece. At the same time, Felice always knew she had an entrepreneurial spirit within herself. In 2020 she decided to create something of her own.

 “The idea of MYCASHMERE came during the global lockdowns where I was looking for clothing that was effortless and comfortable but still made you feel elegant. Cashmere just made sense. I fell deeply in love with this fabric for its unique properties that make it so versatile and timeless and how it is made to last and support slow fashion,” she said.

The brand sets itself apart from others with the Italian heritage of their pieces and by offering a supreme quality of craftsmanship and design at a considered but still accessible price point. In addition, MYCASHMERE’s pieces are sustainably crafted. Made from sustainably sourced or recycled cashmere, consumers can feel as good about supporting the brand as they do while wearing their pieces. 

Keep reading to see the rest of our interview with Felice Langkamp. 

What’s your go-to nail colour?

I usually go classic clear or French tip. However, I recently bought the Emilie Heathe Riviera shade which is a beautiful sky blue and is the perfect summer color. 

Emilie Heathe Riviera Nail Artist Nail Polish

When you need a confidence boost, what do you do or wear to feel polished and on top of your game?

My go to beauty trick is Vitamin C serum (I use La Roche Posay) or Vitamin C under eye patches which give me an instant boost. I feel like it really highlights your cheekbones and gives you a glow.

Which colors make you feel most empowered when you wear them?

I would say I always feel empowered when I’m wearing black, however in the summer months I can go to the opposite side of the spectrum and love lilac or a really bright Barbie pink.

What’s your favorite way to get some R&R?

I love to switch off by either reading a good book (currently I am reading Untamed by Glennon Doyle, and I highly recommend it) or listening to a podcast (my classic go-to’s are Melissa Wood Tepperberg & Jay Shetty).

Are there any major inspirations behind your designs? 

I always draw my inspiration off timeless designs that can be worn across many ages and at many times in the year. Most of our designs have been mainly classics within the core collection, but we have many exciting and edgier styles in the pipeline.

What role do you see slow fashion playing in shaping the fashion industry as a whole?

I truly believe that slow fashion and considered/intentional purchases are the future of fashion. It is great to recycle to close the loop, but I think it’s about taking one step back and looking at the original purchase to begin with. Nowadays we are consuming at a pace that is not sustainable long term and I believe the answer is to buy less and to buy better. Times are shifting and consumers are now more than ever asking themselves what they are investing in, how pieces are being produced, where they come from and what are the drivers of the brands who they support, and for me this movement is the new era of luxury fashion.

MYCASHMERE was founded during the global lockdowns, how do you think the brand has grown since then?

I am really proud of the growth we have seen in the first year since our launch. As a founder, it’s incredible and so heart-warming to see customers wearing MYCASHMERE and coming back for repeat purchases. We continue to evolve and tweak and can’t wait to bring more of my MYCASHMERE to you and expand globally. 

How would you describe the style of clothing at MYCASHMERE? What’s your favorite piece that you designed thus far?

Our slogan, Effortlessly Elegant, perfectly describes our style. We create modern but timeless pieces which make you feel elegant in the most effortless way possible. My favorite piece of the collection would have to be the AMIRA One Shoulder Top, it’s the piece that gets me the most compliments wherever I go and can be dressed up to any dinner or dressed down during the day and is always a true eye catcher.

AMIRA One Shoulder Top

How do you name your pieces and what do they mean?

All of my designs are named after people and places I love, some are family members, others are names of friends, or my favorite locations like Como, for Lake Como, Italy.

What is a fun fact about your pieces, cashmere, or your production?

My favorite fun fact is that our pieces are produced in Perugia, Italy. This city is so well known for its knitwear craftsmanship that it has been coined “The Cashmere Valley” and is also where Brunello Cuccinelli produces his pieces. Perugia is also very well known for the founding location of the worldwide famous Baci chocolate (Baci stands for kiss). So, Perugia’s expertise is in cashmere & chocolate. If that is not heaven, I don’t know what is.

What advice would you offer to someone who is looking to build a more sustainable wardrobe?

Firstly, it’s to really consider which brands and which materials you are supporting and investing in and finding those who have a story, who have a purpose and continually evolve with you.

Secondly, I think it’s crucial to have classic capsule pieces which you can add to any outfit. For example, our best seller the SOPHIA Cardigan which keeps getting sold out, is the perfect all year cardigan that can be worn from day to night and season to season.

MYCASHMERE Sophia Cardigan