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18 Songs to Listen to For Aquarius Season

by Zarah Harris January 23, 2023

18 Songs to Listen to For Aquarius Season

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Aquarius Season is here and it brings a new sense of freedom with its arrival. This exciting time of the year starts on January 20th and lasts until February 18th. With individuality, innovation, and rebellion being major themes for the zodiac season, astrology experts are saying this is the time to be daring and creative.

Aquarius’s ruling planet is Uranus, the planet of innovation and revolution. This is where the air sign gets its unique personality from. Aquarius is known for being independent, easy going, and forward thinking. This air sign doesn’t like to restrict itself and is always thinking of ways to break the status quo. 

As boundless opportunities come your way in the next few weeks, don’t be afraid to let loose moving forward. This zodiac season will push you to go against the grain while embracing confidence. We curated a playlist filled with some funky, upbeat tunes to help you get into the groove of Aquarius’s eccentric vibe.