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20 Chill Songs to Listen to During Taurus Season

by Malka Nebro May 03, 2023

20 Chill Songs to Listen to During Taurus Season

Welcome to Taurus season, the zodiac sign represented by the strong and tenacious bull. This month is all about coming back down to Earth after the sun was in Aries, as Taurus is the first earth sign in the zodiac calendar. 

Taurus is known for sensuality and satisfaction, both spiritually and physically, as this sign is ruled by Venus, the planet of love. This might play into your romantic life where you’ll feel heightened attraction towards those around you, but you’ll experience an increased sense of self love and the need for self care this month too.

Taurus understands that rest and relaxation is key to maintaining a healthy and balanced mental state, so romanticize the little things like a bubble bath, cat nap, or sunbathing while listening to your favorite tunes.

While we can all get bogged down by anxious thoughts from time to time, especially as the sun transitions between zodiac seasons, ground down in Taurus style with this Spotify playlist featuring bass-filled R&B, funk and alternative tracks. Explore established and up-and-coming artists like Kendrick Lamar, Okay Kaya, Blood Orange, Toro y Moi, and more.