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5 Pisces-Approved Resort Fashion Brands and Beauty Products

by Zarah Harris March 20, 2023

5 Pisces-Approved Resort Fashion Brands and Beauty Products

If you’ve been feeling the urge to broaden your horizons lately, you’ve probably felt the influence of Pisces. At their inner core Pisces tend to be daydreamers with a wandering spirit. Pack your bags and get ready to explore because astrology experts are saying this month is the perfect time to travel. Although Pisces season comes to a close on March 20th, it’s never too late to go on a last minute getaway. Show off your adventurous side with these White Lotus-inspired pairings of resort fashion brands with Emilie Heathe beauty products. 

1. Mirror Palais

Mirror Palais is a sustainable womenswear brand with designs inspired by confident women. The brand was founded by former stylist, Marcelo Gaia and is known for its delicate, feminine style. The sunset gown is a flowy silk burn-out chiffon dress saturated with hues of yellow and orange. Its romantic silhouette will almost remind you of Lucia Greco’s lilac trumpet sleeve dress. We recommend pairing the sunset gown with Lip Atelier Lip Colour in the shade Public for a complete sunkissed look. 

Public Lip Atelier Lip Colour and the Mirror Palais Sunset Gown

2. She Made Me 

She Made Me is a slow fashion brand that creates beautiful hand-made crochet garments. Their pieces have a sophisticated yet playful boho chic style that will make you think of Daphne Babock from season 2 of White Lotus. The Sana Blouse and Sana Skirt are the perfect ensemble for a walk along the shore. Bring out its floral detailing Riviera. Adding a pop of color with this calming crystal blue shade will tie together a relaxed yet fashionable look.

Emilie Heathe Riviera Nail Artist Polish and She Made Me Sana Set

3. SIR

SIR is an Australian womenswear brand with a minimal core aesthetic. Their Resort 23’ collection encapsulates a masterful blend of vintage and modern styles. Pair the Claude One Shoulder and Esther Pants with a bright and bold red lipstick like 212. This ensemble has a similar vibe to some of the outfits worn by Harper Spiller from season 2 of White Lotus. It’s the perfect mix of a classic yet trendy style.

Emilie  Heathe 212 Lip Atelier Lip Colour and the Sir Claude Bandeau + Esther Pant

4. Matteau

Matteau is an eco-conscientious resort fashion brand dedicated to creating timeless pieces. Their Travel Edit includes a variety of versatile garments that can be mixed and matched for endless outfit options. The Low Back Slip Mini Dress’s funky print will remind you of Portia’s quirky style. There’s no need to fret because this gen Z piece can still be fashionable with the right styling. To complement this dress, paint your nails with Petra. This neutral taupe polish will help bring out the brown in the dress.  

Emilie Heathe Petra Nail Polish and the Matteau Low Back Mini Slip Dress

5. Rielli

Rielli is a celebrity-loved swimwear brand with exciting, trendy pieces. Rielli’s designs embody the “realness” of their customers. For a fun poolside look, opt for a one shoulder swimsuit similar to Olivia’s from season 1 of White Lotus. We recommend pairing the Ibiza One Piece in metallic green with Aurora Nail Artist Nail Polish, a sheer jelly lavender. Together these two colors create a bright and vibrant harmonious look since green and purple are contrasting colors. 

Emilie Heathe Jaleesa Nail Artist Polish and Rielli One Should One Piece Swimsuit