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Transformative Makeup Techniques to Try for Scorpio Season

by Zarah Harris November 10, 2022

Transformative Makeup Techniques to Try for Scorpio Season

As we get ourselves through yet another intense zodiac season, consider creating a new version of yourself. From October 23rd to November 22nd, Scorpio season brings deep feelings of passion and power to spark change. The mysterious Scorpio has two ruling planets, Mars and Pluto. Mars as a ruling planet influences energy, action and passion. While Pluto governs power, transformation and growth. Astrology experts say now is the time for inner reflection and working on becoming the person you always wanted to be. As the remainder of Scorpio season pushes you to reinvent yourself, try some of these transformative makeup techniques to switch up your look.

1. Cherub Lips 

Cherub lips are taking the internet by storm after going viral on TikTok. Makeup artist Ehlie Luna, describes the look as doll-like. This technique involves the use of lip pencil, a lip topper such as a gloss or Lip R&R, and a concealer to clean up the lip line. Learn how to get this angelic lip look with Ehlie Luna's tutorial.

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2. Siren Eyes 

For a fierce and lifted eye look, try siren eyes. The goal here is to create a dramatic cat eye, with emphasis on the inner and outer corners. This trending technique has been spotted on runways and red carpets all year long, and makes for the perfect look for your next night out. To get the siren effect, you’ll need a black eyeliner, a detailed angled brush and some dark eyeshadow. Try Milk Makeup’s Infinity Long Lasting Waterproof Eyeliner Pencil for a clean beauty option. Learn how to get this sultry look with TikTok creator, Millie.

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3. Lifted Blush 

The placement of blush on the cheeks makes all the difference. The lifted blush technique makes the face appear less round and more sculpted, and calls for blending your contour upwards instead of downwards while placing the blush at the highest part of the cheekbones. This creates depth on your face and gives the illusion of a lifted face. In this TikTok tutorial, MUA Danielle Marcan compares the effect of this technique to a subtle facelift. 

4. Tightlining Eyeliner

Tightlining eyeliner is a method that provides the eyes with the illusion of fuller and darker lashes. For this technique it’s best to use a pencil or gel liner. We recommend using Pat McGrath’s PermaGel Ultra Glide Pencil or MAC’s Pro Longwear FluidlineFor people with sensitive eyes, Beauty blogger and MUA Victoria Lyn suggests using a q-tip to dry your waterline before beginning this technique.

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5. Lifted Brow 

It’s all in the name; the Lifted Brow Technique creates a lifted and elongated brow look. To achieve this look you will need a spoolie, a brow pencil or Full Up Brow Powder, and a brow gel. Use this technique to imitate a brow lift for a sleek yet glam makeup look. Watch and learn how to transform your brows from Stephanie Valentine, a Toronto based MUA. 

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6. Underpainting

Underpainting is a technique that involves the application of blush and or bronzer before foundation for a more natural look. This practice was brought to popularity by Celebrity MUA Katie Jane Hughes when she posted this tutorial on TikTok. Underpainting gives the face a natural inner glow because it makes it seem as if the flush of colour is coming from within the skin. If you’re into the “no makeup” makeup look, this is a technique for you!

7. Oval Lining Lips

If you want to achieve plump lips without the lip filler then the oval lining lip hack is your best alternative. All you need is a lip liner that matches the shade of your lips. This technique calls for overlining only in the center regions of your upper and lower lips, but not at all in the outer portions. Oval lining the lips will make your lips appear fuller without looking too overlined. Learn how to do this technique with TikTok creator Katia Haek.

8. Red Carpet Skin

Become a red carpet beauty with this makeup technique that gives you dewy, glowy skin. Red carpet skin was spotted all over Tik Tok after creator Savannah Rae Collins revealed this secret she had learned from a friend who is a Celebrity MUA. To achieve Red Carpet Skin use a hydrating primer, followed by an illuminating product, then top it all off with a skin tint. This simple makeup trick will help you get picture perfect, flawless skin.

9. Douyin Blush

For a natural pop of colour in the skin, try the Douyin blush hack. This past August POPSUGAR reported that this worldwide trend started in China. The Douyin blush hack involves the strategic placement of blush applied in a v-shape around different parts of the face. Learn how to get a rosy, youthful look with Douyin Blush from Helin Doski’s TikTok tutorial

10. Bleached Brow Look

Make a bold statement with the bleached brow look. This makeup look made a few appearances on the runways at NYFW this past September and is becoming even more popularized in NYC by local celebrity and current it-girl, Julia Fox. 

Eyebrows are the frame to the face. Coincidentally, bleached brows make the eyes look rounder due to the diminished appearance of the eyebrows. For those who don’t wish to permanently bleach their natural brows, there's a way to enjoy this edgy look without the commitment. All you need is a light concealer or foundation and a pale eyeshadow or setting powder. Learn how to create this look with LA based artist and TikTok creator $amantha.